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Metermann ECB50-E Test Set
Model: ECB50-E
Date: 2004
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Test Set
Description: Circuit Breaker Finder and AC Line Tracer

Introduction The ECB50 Circuit Breaker Finder and AC Cable Locator consists of a transmitter and a receiver housed in a protective denier case. Similar to radio signals, the transmitter functions by means of a coded carrier sending a signal into the cable. Using the built-in sensor, the receiver can indicate the transmitted code as a symbol on the display as well as providing an audible signal. The audible sound level automatically intensifies as the source is approached. The ECB50 is the ideal tracing instrument for sorting out AC wires in a bundle of cables, tracing lines in overhead installations and walls, and assigning current circuits to fuses. Using the ECB50 you can: Sort out a single wire in a bundle of cables. Trace and find AC cable in walls. Assign current circuits to fuses within fuse panels. Switch between locating cable lines or locating fuses. Adjust sensitivity when tracing lines and locating cables.

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Manual Type: User Manual Meterman-11170-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 44
Size: 1.43 Mbytes (1495383 Bytes)
Language: english, german, french, italian
Manual-ID/Number: 2099447
Date: 01 January 2004
Quality: Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
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Safety Information ... 3 Symbols Used in this Manual ... 3 Introduction ... 4 Finding Circuit Breakers and Fuses See Figure -1- ... 4 Locating and Tracing Cables in Walls See Figure -2- ... 5 Sorting Out a Single Wire in a Bundle of Cables See Figure -3- ..5 Product Maintenance ... 6 Cleaning ... 6 Replacing the Battery See Figure -4- ... 6 Specifications ... 6 Transmitter ... 6 Receiver ... 7 Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability ... 7 Repair ... 8


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