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B & K Manufacturing Company VO Matic 360 Analog multimeter
B & K Manufacturing Company
Model: VO Matic 360
Date: 1961
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analog multimeter
Description: Automatic Volt Ohm Milliammeter

Your V-O-Matic represents the most advanced development since the introduction of the Volt Ohm Milliammeter. The most important improvement is the single scale feature. The range switch is coupled to the meter dial in such a way that only one direct reading scale is present. That is the range selected by the range selector switch. This completely eliminates any error due to the reading of the wrong scale. Inchided with the V-O-Matic 360 meter is an anti parallax mirror to provide the utmost in accuracy. Precision resistors are used for all multipliers and shunts to provide long term stability and accuracy. Meter protection is built into the instrument. This will protect the meter movement against overloads up to 100 times. Standard 3/4 inch spacing of the test lead jacks enable the user to employ the General Radio type connector if desired. A polarity reversing switch is provided on the front panel to enable readings to be taken with either positive or negative polarity without disconnecting the test leads from the circuit under test. A shorting switch is employed in conjunction with the ohms adjust control. The test leads do not have to be removed from the component under test to zero the ohmmeter.

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Pages: 14
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Language: english
Date: 01 January 1961
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