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Mallinckrodt 700 Series Ventilator
Model: 700 Series
Date: 1999
Category: Medical and Biomedical Equipment
Group: Ventilator
Description: Ventilator System
                                     General description

The 700 Series Ventilator System (including the 740 and 760
Ventilators) provides respiratory support for a wide range
of pediatric to adult patients for a wide variety
of clinical conditions. The ventilator’s mixing technique
allows it to ventilate critically ill patients at adjustable
oxygen concentrations without the need for a blender,
compressor, or hospital-grade wall air.
The 700 Series Ventilator System can be mains or battery
powered. Each ventilator includes two microcontrollers: one
for breath delivery (which controls ventilation),
and one for the user interface (which monitors ventilator
and patient data). Each microcontroller verifies that the
other is functioning properly. Using two independent
microcontrollers in this fashion prevents a single fault
from causing a simultaneous failure of controlling and
monitoring functions.
The 700 Series Ventilator System supplies mandatory or
spontaneous breaths with a piston-based pneumatic system.
Mandatory breaths can be volume control ventilation
(VCV, available on 740 and 760 Ventilators) or pressure
control ventilation (PCV, available on the 760 Ventilator
only). VCV delivers breaths to the patient at a preset
tidal volume, peak flow, waveform, and oxygen concentration
at a minimum respiratory rate. PCV delivers breaths to the
patient at a preset inspiratory pressure,
I:E ratio or inspiratory time, rise time factor (how quickly
inspiratory pressure rises to achieve the set inspiratory
pressure), and oxygen concentration at a minimum
respiratory rate. A spontaneous breath allows the patient
inspiratory flows of up to 300 L/min, with or without
pressure support ventilation (PSV). On the 760 Ventilator,
you can set the rise time factor and exhalation flow
sensitivity (that is, the point at which the ventilator
cycles from inspiration to exhalation) in PSV.
The ventilator begins apnea ventilation if no patient- or
operator-initiated breath is delivered within the
operator-selected apnea interval. Apnea ventilation is available
in all modes (for ventilators equipped with software Rev. J
or later). On the 740 Ventilator, only VCV breaths are
available in apnea ventilation. On the 760 Ventilator, VCV
or PCV breaths are available in apnea ventilation.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type: Service Manual Mallinckrodt-10551-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 468
Size: 60.73 Mbytes (63674909 Bytes)
Language: english
Revision: A
Manual-ID/Number: G-061875-00
Date: 01 November 1999
Quality: Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
MD5: a72f0b023a6d103d121f3b99165e3211
Downloads: 23 since 08 March 2018
The 700 Series Ventilator System Service Manual is intended
to be used in conjunction
with the 700 Series Ventilator System Operator’s Manual.
Both parts are needed for
field repair of the ventilator.
In several cases, however, similar information is contained
in both manuals:

Refer to the “Maintenance” appendix of the Operator’s Manual
for operator
maintenance of filters and the patient system. Refer to the
“Service and repair”
section of the Service Manual for maintenance activities
performed by the service

Refer to the “Self-tests” section of the Operator’s Manual
or this manual for
instructions on running short self-test (SST) and extended
self-test (EST). This
manual also provides EST troubleshooting information for the
qualified service

The “Part numbers” appendix of the Operator’s Manual
contains ordering
information for patient system parts. Refer to the “Parts
list” section of the
Service Manual for complete part ordering information

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