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Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Compact Critical Care Monitor Monitoring System
Model: S/5 Compact Critical Care Monitor
Date: 2006
Category: Medical and Biomedical Equipment
Group: Monitoring System
Description: Compact Critical Care Monitor

Datex-Ohmeda monitors build up a freely configurable modular system. The architecture is designed to enable different module combinations so that the user is able to get the desirable parameter and feature set. This modular approach makes it possible to add new features when they are needed. The modular design makes the system flexible and easy to upgrade. In addition to patient parameter modularity and easy upgrades, the monitor can be upgraded to anesthesia record keeping, wired and wireless networking and memory card operation. Additionally, external devices can be interfaced to the monitor with interface modules.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type: Service Manual DatexOhmeda-10246-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 320
Size: 5.03 Mbytes (5273233 Bytes)
Language: english
Manual-ID/Number: M1021567
Date: 01 March 2006
Quality: Electronic document, no scan, very well readable.
Upload date:
MD5: e182bd371cb2740c7784d669b40a6144
Downloads: 63 since 09 February 2018

Technical Reference Manual This Technical Reference Manual is intended for service personnel and engineers who will install, service and maintain Datex-Ohmeda S/5 Compact Anesthesia Monitors running the software license L-CANE05 or L-CANE05A and S/5 Compact Critical Care Monitors running the software license L-CICU05 or L-CICU05A. As the monitor setup may vary, some functions described may not be available in the monitor you are using. • The order code for the entire printed manual is M1021567. The manual includes Technical Reference Manual Slots and every slot has an individual document number. • Part I gives the reader an overview of the monitor. It contains the information needed to install, interface and troubleshoot the monitors. Instructions for functional check and planned maintenance are also included. Read the manual through and make sure that you understand the procedures described before the installation of the monitor. To avoid risks concerning safety or health, strictly observe the warning indications. If you need any assistance concerning the installation, please do not hesitate to contact your authorized distributor. • Part II contains detailed descriptions of each component of the S/5 CAM, CCCM Monitor, For information of parameter modules, Remote Controller and Device Interfacing Solution refer to the “S/5 E-Modules, Technical Reference Manual”. Service check for each of these products is included in these slots.


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