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Symetrix 531E Equalizer
Model: 531E
Date: 1997
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Equalizer
Description: Graphic Equalizer

Thank you for choosing a Symetrix Graphic Equalizer. We think you will be glad that you made this choice because, out of the sea of graphic eqs that you might have purchased, the 531E and 532E are the only affordable equalizers that offer truly professional perfor- mance. How did we do this? First, because our design team believes that no one should have to settle for “good enough”, they threw out the conven- tional design ideas and started from scratch. The result: a highly advanced filter topology that delivers extremely low distortion and noise, even at very high signal levels. Second, our state-of-the-art facility gives us the ability to build quickly, consistently, and in high volume, allowing us to keep our prices low. In addition, the 531E and 532E make extensive use of surface-mount components. This allows us to cram more circuitry onto a smaller circuit board, further reducing costs. In fact, the 531E and 532E are a purist’s dream - audiophile sound quality, uncluttered control surface, and rugged reliability in one package. They offer thirty-one filter bands per channel on ISO 1/3rd octave centers. Through the use of a global range switch, each band delivers either 6dB or 12dB of cut or boost. The grounded center detent position on each band serves as an on/off switch that completely removes that band from the audio signal path. In addition, they sport 12dB per octave High Cut and Low Cut filters. Each has a sweepable cutoff frequency and a control range that extends well into the sub/ultrasonic. Of course, the controls and features are secondary to the all important question: How does it sound? Consider the following facts. Our proprietary filter technology delivers the lowest noise floor of any graphic Equalizer in the world, ultra-accurate summing, and minimal ringing and phase shift. The total harmonic distortion is less than 0.002%. Translation: the 531E and 532E are clean, clear, and musical-sounding. To ensure the highest level of year-after-year performance, we build the 531E and 532E to touring standards. Double sided, glass epoxy circuit boards, metal shaft, plastic film slide potentiometers, gold-plated XLR connectors, and a heavy duty all-steel chassis deliver rugged reliability. You don’t have to treat these with kid gloves. The details are worth noting, too. High-contrast front panel graphics make your control settings easy to read even in a darkened concert hall. Servo-balanced outputs remove all DC offset from the 531E or 532E’s output. This elimi- nates the need for DC blocking capacitors in the signal path while improving noise, distor- tion, and low-frequency performance. Of course, the 531E and 532E incorporate a high- current, internal Power Supply with an IEC- type detachable power cord. No “wall warts” here!

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Date: 21 July 1997
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Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Operator Safety Summary Chapter 3 Fast Set-Up Chapter 4 Front Panel Controls Chapter 5 Rear Panel Connections Chapter 6 Troubleshooting Chapter 7 Specifications Chapter 8 Warranty and Service Appendix A Flow Chart Appendix B Input/Output Connections Appendix C Declaration of Conformity


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