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Orban OPTIMOD_TV 8185A Effect Processor
Model: OPTIMOD_TV 8185A
Date: 1996
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Effect Processor
Description: Stereo Generator
                                    The 8185A Stereo Generator is a high-performance
BTSC-standard stereo generator having superb audio quality
and exceptional stability. Although the 8185A will work with
any audio processor, it is designed to be especially
effective when used in conjunction with the Orban OPTIMOD-TV
audio processor.

The 8185A far exceeds BTSC requirements, delivers
unimpeachable subjective audio quality, and uses extremely
high-performance low-pass filters to achieve excellent
high-frequency response and the industry’s best aliasing
rejection. The 8185A Stereo Generator has a digital baseband
encoder, group delay equalization, and upgraded noise
reduction circuitry for better overall performance and
tighter specifications.
•	Digital baseband encoder generates BTSC-standard stereo
subchannel and composite baseband. Fig. 1-2 shows the very
clean baseband spectrum produced by the Hadamard Transform
Baseband Encoder™

•	Separation performance exceeds all BTSC specifications.

•	Works with any audio processor. (Has +10dBm
active-balanced left and right inputs, and can accept flat
or pre-emphasized input.)
•	When used with the Orban 8182A OPTIMOD-TV Audio Processor,
a special interface allows interleaving of circuitry to get
the brightest sound with the lowest distortion.

•	Easy to install and operate.

•	Built-in Bessel null calibration tone.

•	Built-in peak-indicating meter for input, circuit, and
output levels.

•	Sharp filtering protects pilot and prevents crosstalk
between the main channel and subchannel (see Fig. 1-3).

•	Excellent protection from aliasing.

•	Group delay equalization of low-pass filters to minimize
overshoots (see Fig. 1-4).

•	dbx® noise reduction encoder.

•	Built-in dbx noise reduction decoder, de-emphasis, and
de-matrixing for monitoring audio up to the baseband encoder.

•	Optional 8185A/PRO Professional Channel Generator circuitry.

•	Input port for separate Second Audio Program channel

•	Optically-isolated remote control inputs for switching
between stereo and mono operation, for monitoring sync lock
status, and for controlling the optional 8185A/PRO
Professional Channel Generator.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Pages: 212
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Language: english
Manual-ID/Number: 95076-000-03
Date: 01 February 1996
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1-1	Section 1: Introduction

Oban's OPTIMOD-TV Stereo Generator BTSC Multichannel
Television Sound System Requirements Registration, Warranty,

2-1	Section 2: Installation

Installation — Quick Set-up Installation — Comprehensive
Instructions Rewire of 8182A Accessory Port

3-1	Section 3: Operation

Controls and Indicators Recommended Control Settings
Discussion of Audio Processing Functions

4-1	Section 4: Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Getting Inside the Chassis In-Line
Performance Verification Individual Card Tests

Field Alignment and Comprehensive Card Tests Appendix:
Evaluating BTSC Stereo Generators and Audio Processors: Some

5-1	Section 5: Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Technique Problems and Possible Causes
Technical Support

6-1	Section 6: Technical Data

Specifications Circuit Description Parts List

Schematics, Assembly Drawings

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