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EZ Digital OS-3020D Oscilloscope
EZ Digital
Model: OS-3020D
Date: 1995
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Oscilloscope
Description: Digital Storage Oscilloscope

1-1. Introduction This product CS-3000DSRS is the 2 channel digital storage Oscilloscope which is equipped with A/D Converter. It combines the benefits of digital scope to measure, store, interpret and communicate the rapid trace, with the benefits of analog scope to measure the wide band width, 2 time axis generator, delay sweep and separated TV trigger signal. It reduces the measurement error, and' uses 6% squared type CRT with internal flourescent scale which enables to take the photograph of observed waveform. (1) High speed optical frequency band width A/D Converter installed on each channel samples the input signal at the max. rate of 20MHz samples/sec. Any signal with perfect repeatedness can be stored. (Max. 20-60 MHz) This product can be used as an ordinary real time Oscilloscope with frequency range between 20 and 60MHz. (2) Large storage capacity Each channel has 2kW memory. Since it can indicate the waveform composed of lkW data, it measures any rapidly changing transition trace with high accuracy. (3) Waveform save It has lkW memory to save two waveforms stored in each channel. (4) Multi-Function It has a variety of following functions to interpret a wide range of signals : - Roll mode function to measure low signal. - Average function to eliminate noise from the signal and to measure the pure signal. (5) Output It uses both RS-232C Interface function to input/output the digital data to the personal computer, and RS-232C to conduct screen hardcopy through digital plotter. It also interprets and records the stored data. (6) CRT and cursor readout It can promptly perform the operation and measurement using both the CRT readout function to display the set information of panel and the cursor readout function to display the voltage difference (AV), time difference (AT) and frequency difference (l/AT) between two cursors.

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Language: english
Date: 01 January 1995
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