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Hameg HM5012 Spectrum analyzer
Model: HM5012
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Spectrum analyzer

HM5012 & HM5014, the Spectrum Analyzers for EMC Measurements Continuous frequency range from 150 kHz to 1050 MHz. Amplitude range from -100 dBm to +13 dBm (7 dBμV to 120 dBμV) 80 dB on-screen Resolution bandwidths of 9 kHz, 120 kHz, 400 kHz Intermodulation-free dynamic range 75 dB Save / Recall Technical Characteristics The new spectrum Analyzer HM5012 and HM5014 is based in general on the high frequency characteristics of the HM5010 and the HM5011 analyzers. The usable frequency range is therefore from 150 kHz to above 1 GHz. The available resolution bandwidths are 9kHz, 120kHz and 400 kHz. Completely new is primarily the processor-controlled operation and a digital signal display which works in real- time, and is resolved with up to 2000 points over the entire screen. The screen will also display all selected frequency settings and the marker results. The unique features of this spectrum Analyzer are the extensive EMC measurement capabilities. These include the amplitude indication in Peak and Average modes. For the precise evaluation of the signals a marker is provided that will give a readout for amplitude and frequency on-screen. An additional advantage is that newly acquired signals can be compared with the content of the reference storage. Complicated and repeatedly used equipment adjustments can be saved by use of the Save/Recall function.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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AC Board Diagram ... 2 Top and bottom side ... 3 AT Board Diagram ... 4 Top and bottom side ... 5 RA Board Diagram ... 6 Top and bottom side ... 7 RB Board Diagram ... 8 Top and bottom side ... 9 TG Board Diagram ... 10-11 Top and bottom side ... 12 Digital Board Diagram ... 13-18 Top side ... 19 Bottom side ... 20 FC Board Diagram ... 21-22 Top side ... 23 Bottom side ... 24 XY Board Diagram ... 25-26 Top side ... 27 Bottom side ... 28 ZF Board Diagram ... 29-30 Top side ... 31 Bottom side ... 32 CRT Board Diagram ... 33 Top and bottom side ... 34 R Rog/llef.899030.tSPS Board Diagram ... 35 Top side ... 36 Bottom side ... 37 PSP and PSS Board Top side ... 38 PA Board Diagram ... 39 Top and bottom side ... 40


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