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AKG Akustische und Kinogeräte GmbH BX 15 Speaker
AKG Akustische und Kinogeräte GmbH
Model: BX 15
Date: 1976
Category: Professional music equipment
Group: Speaker
Description: Professional Two Channel Reverberation Unit

he AKG - BX 15 is designed for use in small studios, mobile studios for professional musicians and is particularly suitable where small space, transportability, robustness and simplicity of operation is required. Two mechanically and electrically separate and isolated channels make it possible to handle two independent signal sources with different decay times, treble and Bass settings and reverb intensity.

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Manual Type: Service and User Manual AKG-9390-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 27
Size: 3.69 Mbytes (3866740 Bytes)
Language: english, german
Date: 01 July 1976
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
Upload date:
MD5: 3882510338a2a0277500c1e304505106
Downloads: 253 since 20 August 2017

. Description 2. General 2.1 Fault finding on the BX 15 3. Technical Data 3.1 Frequency characteristic of the unit 3.2 Frequency characteristic of the reverberation time 4. Block diagram 5. Wiring diagram 6. Power supply 6.1 Checking and replacing the Power Supply 6.2 View of the Power Supply 6.3 Wiring diagram of the Power Supply 7. Electronic circuit 7.1 Required instruments for the measurement 7.2 Test circuit for the voltmeter 7.3 Specifications for measurement and checking - procedure 7.4 Replacing the electronic circuit 7.5 Adjusting the frequency characteristic 7.6 Adjusting the reverb level of both channels 7.7 The electronic p.c. board 7.8 Wiring diagram of the electronic circuit 8. Reverberation unit 8.1 Removing and checking the reverberatipn unit 8.2 Replacement of the spring ends (defective coils) 8.3 Wiring diagram of the reverb unit 8.4 Views of the reverberation unit 9. Connection panel and control panel 10. Spare parts list


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