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Drake Q-X'er Receiver
Model: Q-X'er
Category: Radio Communication
Group: Receiver
Description: Attachment for Radio Receiver

The Q-X’er is an attachment for a radio Receiver. Its main purpose is to help discriminate between the wanted signal and interfering signals. The purpose is the same as for a crystal filter but the Q-X’er in operation is a much more effective device. Three modes of operation are provided for as follows : 1. NOTCH - With the selector switch set in the NOTCH position, a very Sharp rejection notch may be tuned across the pass band of the Receiver to eliminate an, interfering carrier or heterodyne. The general shape of the Receiver pass band is unchanged and the notch is so Sharp that it is almost imperceptible in the audio of the desired signal. See Fig. (1). 2. BOOST - With the selector switch set in the BOOST position again the general shape of the Receiver pass band is unchanged (though lower in amplitude) but a Sharp spike is imposed on top of the response. This spike may be tuned across the pass band to boost any single frequency. See Fig. (2). Generally, this position of the switch is used to boost the carrier of a weak Phone or broadcast station to prevent distortion due to selective fading, etc. 3. PEAK - With the selector switch in the PEAK position the pass band of the Receiver is narrowed to a very selective response only a few hundred cycles wide. Fig. (3). This is ideal for C. W. reception. The Q-X’er TUNING control can be used for a fine adjustment in tuning in the signal. (Tuning here does not change the Beat Frequency note). In principle of operation, the Q-X’er is simple. It is a two terminal device shunted across an I. F. transformer ‘in the Receiver to act as a gate letting through the desired frequencies and stopping the undesired frequencies. The Q-X’er achieves its performance through the use of an efficient, stable Q multiplier circuit. The Q-X’er acts just like a resonant circuit with a Q of approximately 3000. This accounts for its Sharp peak or notch.

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