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Commodore Amiga A2000 Nostalgically Computer
Model: Amiga A2000
Date: 1986
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Nostalgically Computer

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Manual Type: Service and User Manual Commodore-9155-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 309
Size: 19.59 Mbytes (20543620 Bytes)
Language: english
Date: 01 January 1986
Quality: Scanned document, reading partly badly, partly not readable.
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MD5: 0f7a8404a0681e5109fe18342dd393c4
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Technical Reference Manual

Section 1	Summary of Differences
Section 2	System Block Diagrams
Section 3	Amiga Expansion
3.1	Designing hardware for the Amiga Expansion Architecture
3.2	Driver Documentation
3.3	Software for Amiga Expansion
3.4	Amiga Expansion Connectors
	100 Pin
	86 Pin
	Video Slot
Section 4	PC Bridgeboard
4.1	Description of the PC/XT emulator for the Amiga 2000
4.2	BIOS entry points
4.3	Janus library
Section 5	Amiga Hard Disk/SCSI Controller
Section 6	Custom Chips
	Fat Agnus Chip
	8520 Chip
Section 7	Miscellaneous Hardware Information
7.1	Clock/calendar registers
7.2	Power budgets
7.3	A2000 PAL equations
7.4	B2000 Jumpers
Appendix A.	Diagrams
A-1	Backplane Example
A-2	PIC Example
A-3	A500 Exterior (86~pin expansion connector)
A-4	Amiga 2000 Expansion Board Layout
A-5	Amiga 2000 Form Factor
A-6 Amiga 2000 Video Card	
A-7 86-Pin Slot Expansion Board	
A-8 A2000/B2000 Keyboard Connector Pinout	
A-9	Amiga 500/2000 Mouse Diagram and Pinout
Appendix B.	Schematics
	A2000 Schematics
	B2000 Schematics
	A500 Schematics

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