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Philips FM1674 Transceiver
Model: FM1674
Category: Radio Communication
Group: Transceiver
Description: Local Base station

The TCA, FM1674, series of local base stations is designed to meet the requirements of the radio telephone operator, for a locally controlled station of pleasing appearance, small size, and simple in design and operation. The station unit consists of a sheet metal cabinet measuring 21 - V 4 " W x 13-V2"H x 15-V4"Deep, furnished in a gray Hammertone Oven baked enamel, with a recessed front control panel, on which are logically grouped the various controls necessary to operate the equipment. All controls and indicators are designated clearly with photo etched lettering. A practical feature is the provision of a Speech level indicator, which clearly shows the operator the required level to speak into the microphone to obtain maximum usage of the system. The whole of the radio telephone unit may be withdrawn from the front of the cabinet to provide access for servicing. A metering socket is provided on the back of the assembly to meter all essential circuits. The station unit follows the standard practice of the 1674 series of equipment where the necessary sub assemblies are grouped together to provide radio telephone stations capable of delivering various R.F. power outputs to the Antenna and to be supplied from either AC mains or from a battery as required.

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INTRODUCTION SECTION A . 1. General Description. 2. Specification. a. General b. Transmitter c. Receiver d. A.C. Power Supply e. Battery charger Unit f. DC/DC Converter SECTION 3 . Mechanical Construction. SECTION C . Installation Instructions. (1) (2) Mechanical Electrical a. b. o. d. e. Switching unit on Mute Control - Volume Control Transmit Speaking over the Transmitter Simplex Operation (3) Tuning adjustments a. b. Receiver Iransmitter SECTION D . Receiver Detailed Description. (1) General (2) Specification of performance (3) Technical Description 3.1 General 3.2 Valve Types and function Circuit Description 4.1 R.F. Section 4.2 First I.F. 4.3 Second Mixer - Crystal Osc. 4.4 Frequency Multipliers 4.5 Second I.F. 4.6 First Limiter 4.7 Second Limiter and Discriminator 4.8 Audio Stages 4.9 Muting Circuit (5) Receiver Alignment and Testing 5.1 Test Equipment required 5*2 Preliminary 5.3 Second I.F. 5.4 Limiters 5.5 Descriminator 5.6 Multiplipliers 5.7 First I.F. Amplifier 5.8 R.F. Alignment (6 ) Measurement of performance 6.1 Quieting 6.2 Signal to Noise 6.3 Limiting Action 6.4 Audio Correction Network 6.5 Description 6 . 6 Selectivity (7) Typical Metering (8 ) Circuit gain figures (9) Voltage Analysis SECTION E . Transmitter Detailed Description (1) General 1.1 Combination of Units for complete transmitters 1.2 Brief description of sub-units 1.3 Additional Units 1.4 Interconnection of Units (2) Specifications 2.1 FM1674/200 Driver Modulator 2.2 FM1674/425 - 7.5 watt Power Amplifier 2.3 FM1674/450 - 10.25 watt Power Amplifier 2.4 FM1674/475 - 50-75 watt Power Amplifier 2.5 FM1674/650 - R.F. Monitor Probe (3) Circuit Description 3.1 General 3.2 FM1674/200 Driver Modulator 3.2.1 Valve Types and Functions 3.2.2 Crystal Oscillator - Phase Modulator 3.2.3 Frequency Multipliers 3.2.4 Audio Amplifier 3.2.5 Audio Limiter 3.3 Power Amplifiers 3.4 R.F. Monitor Probe (4) Alignment and Testing 4.1 Test Equipment required 4.2 Driver Modulator Stage FM1674/200 4.3 Power Amplifier Stages 4.3.1 FM1674/425 - 7,5 watt 4.3.2 FM1674/450 - 1 0 - 2 5 watt 4.3.3 FM1674/475 - 5 0 - 7 5 watt 4*4 R.F. Monitor Probe FM1674/650 (5) Measurement of Performance 5.1 Modulation measurements 5.2 Distortion and sensitivity 5.3 Frequency response 5.4 Limiter Setting ( 6) Voltage Analysis SECTION F . Power Supplies (1) FM1674/500/12, FM1674/520/12, FM1674/540/12 DC/DC Corrverter (2) FM1374/79 A.C. Power Supply (3) FM1674/82 Battery charger SECTION G , Elcctrical Parts Lists - 25F/50F - Local Base SECTION H . Circuit Diagrams - 25F/50F - Local Base