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Aeroflex 6210 Analyzer
Model: 6210
Date: 2003
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analyzer
Description: Reflection Analyzer
                                    6210 enhances the capability of 6200B series by providing
precision reflection coefficient and time
domain measurements

• Excellent directivity and test port match
for precise measurements of reflection
• Time domain software for pinpointing
impedance discontinuities in devices or
• Polar and Smith Chart displays to facilitate
matching of devices in circuits
• Fast sweep rate to speed up alignment of
components in production test
• Wide range of calibration kits for 3.5 mm,
Type N and 7 mm connectors
• Works with standard 6200 series
Microwave Test Set for easy upgrade
The 6210 Reflection Analyzer is designed specifically
for precision measurements of reflection
coefficient from 250 MHz to 26.5 GHz. 6210 fits
underneath a 6200B series Microwave Test Set
(MTS) which provides the synthesized signal
source and analyzer display to form a single integrated
test system. 6210 consists of additional
hardware and software to enable error corrected
reflection coefficient measurements with both
cartesian and polar displays.
Accurate Return Loss Measurements
Reflection coefficient is the primary performance
test for microwave systems and components.
Return loss and VSWR are derivatives of reflection
coefficient, they can be measured with a standard
scalar analyzer and a directional RF bridge such as
an autotester. An analysis of return loss measurements using an
autotester shows that errors are dominated by test port
match and
directivity. The 6210 Reflection Analyzer makes error corrected
return loss measurements to give improved accuracy and reduced
uncertainty. The test port match and directivity achieved
with 6210
is significantly better than that obtainable from autotesters.

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