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Radio Shack Division Archer Video cassette recorder
Radio Shack Division
Model: Archer
Category: Audio Video TV Multimedia
Group: Video cassette recorder
Description: Color Processor

Your ARCHER® Color Processor was developed by TV Multimedia">Radio Shack to improve the overall performance of your home video system. It may be used to improve the color reproduction of programs from a VCR or video disc player. It may also be used to improve recordings made from one VCR to another or direct camera-to-VCR recordings. This unit will not create a color picture from a black and white recording. FEATURES • MODE Switch — Allows you to compare the processed color signal (COLOR position) with the unprocessed signal (BYPASS position) by moving a single switch. In the B/W position, you will see a pure black and white picture. Artificial color lint will be eliminated. • INTENSITY Control — Varies the intensity of the brightness in the TV picture. This is similar to the contrast control on your TV, but the range is greater. • CHROMA Control — Varies the intensity of the colors in the TV picture from faded to “saturated." This control works with the BURST control to compensate for tapes that were recorded with too little or too much color. • BURST Control — Adjusts the burst signal to give the most useful operating range of the CHROMA control. • HUE Control — Adjusts the hue of the color picture. This function is similar to that of the tint control on your TV, but the range is greater. Use this control to compensate for tapes recorded with too much red, green, or bfue. • SOURCE A/B Switch — Selects the signal to be processed by the Color Processor from one of two video inputs (VCR, video disc player, or other video source). The selected signal is sent to both OUT jacks (A/B). Important Note Your Color Processor must be connected to video equipment that has separate audio and video jacks, such as a VCR, video disc player, or a true TV “monitor." To use this unit with a regular TV (with only VHF/UHF terminals) you must connect an RF modulator between the Color Processor and the TV, to convert the signals to regular VHF TV signals. TV Multimedia">Radio Shack's Video Stabilizer/RF Modulator (Cat. No. 15-1271) and Video Enhancer/Stabilizer (Cat. No, 15-1270) contain such modulators, as do all VCRs.

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Features Cautions Conlrols and Functions Preparation for Use.. . Operation ... 2 2 4 6 6 - 10 Adjusting the Color Processor Controls Monitoring a Recorded Program Recording from a Source VCR {or Video Disc Player) lo One Other VCR Recording from a Source VCR (or Video Disc Player) to Two Other VCRs Connecting the Color Processor and Other Input Sources to Your TV Using Video Cameras with the Color Processor Problemsolving ... 11 Schematic Diagram ... 12 Warranty ... 13


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