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Vishay Instruments P-350A Level Meter
Vishay Instruments
Model: P-350A
Date: 1973
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Level Meter
Description: Digital Strain Indicator

The P-3.50A Digital Strain Indicator is designed primarily for use with resistance-type strain gages or strain gage devices to determine numerically the strain (and thus stress) in a structure or the output of a transducer. 1.1 The P-350A employs the null-balance principle: The operator must center a null galvanometer prior to reading a mechanical digital display. The instrument uses a 1000 Hz carrier; bridge excitation, rebalance circuitry and the null Amplifier all operate at this carrier frequency. 1.2 While the P-350A by itself will accept only one input (quarter, half or full bridge), it can be used as the central indicator for a multiple-channel static strain gage data acquisition system when used with Switch and Balance Units; each of the several inputs are manually selected in a sequential manner to obtain the outputs of all channels. 1.3 The principal features of the P-350A are: ...Direct-reading in-line digital display, including sign, to ±49 , 99 9ue . ...Built-in initial balance control so that the no-load reading is 0000. ...Completely portable: lightweight and rugged, with both self-contained battery and line operation possible with the standard instrument. ...Built-in 120ft and 350ft dummies for true quarter bridge operation. ...Wide-range Gage Factor control; 0.10 to 10.0 ...Internal shunt-calibration to verify instrument calibration and correct for lead-wire desensitation on quarter bridges, even when the lead resistance is not known. The P-350A supercedes the original P-350; normal operation is identical although the following features have been added. (a) 115 VAC option now standard. (b) Internal shunt-calibration (5000]ie) on quarter bridges. (c) On-off control on initial BALANCE. (d) Improved bandpass on "Scope OUTPUT.

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