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General Radio Company 1310-A Oscillator
General Radio Company
Model: 1310-A
Date: 1966
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Oscillator

The Type 1310-A Oscillator is a general-purpose signal source for laboratory or production use. It features wide frequency range; high output; low distortion, hum, and noise; high stability and accuracy; plus a synchronizing feature which allows such varied uses as filtering, leveling, frequency multiplying, jitter reducing, and slaving. • 1.2 DESCRIPTION A capacitance-tuned, RC Wien-bridge Oscillator drives a low-distortion output amplifier, which isolates the Oscillator from the load and delivers a constant voltage behind 600 ohms. A jack is provided for introduction of a synchronizing signal for phase-locking or to furnish a signal, independent of the output attenuator setting, to operate a Counter or to synchronize an Oscilloscope or another Oscillator.

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Manual Type: Service and User Manual GR-8204-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 54
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Language: english
Manual-ID/Number: 1310-0100-A
Date: 01 February 1966
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
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Section 1 Introduction ... 1 Section 2 Installation ... 5 Section 3 Operating Procedure ... 11 Section 4 Principles of Operation ... 27 Section 5 Service and Maintenance ... 36 Section 6 Parts List and Schematic ... 46


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