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Fluke 9000 Series Analyzer
Model: 9000 Series
Date: 1990
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analyzer
Description: Board Testers & Troubleshooter

Special Functions • Preprogrammed functional tests offer structured testing and troubleshooting of the μΡ’ε BUS, RAM, ROM and I/O Registers. • TROUBLESHOOTING functions: simple READ and WRITE commands allow you to stimulate and observe responses from peripheral interphase adapters (PIAs, CTCs, and UARTs) and circuitry beyond the μΡ bus. Several special functions are available (RAMP, WALK) with preprogrammed stimulus sequences. • Optional RS-232C: easy downloading of programs and test results to storage mediums, printers and Other testers at remote locations. Optional GPIB/IEEE-488* for computer controller operation (9020A). • TAPE deck controls for storing and reading programs and UUT memory maps on the minicassette. • LEARN function which is used on a “known good" system, finds and maps RAM, ROM and read/writable I/O addresses. • Hexadecimal entry of address descriptors. • MODE control of tests and programs. • TEST SEQUENCING and ARITHMETIC keys for creating unique user-generated test routines. (9010A only.) • Probe controls used for synchronizing the troubleshooting Probe to μΡ cycles and to drive nodes high and/or low. • Pod design provides for safe easy use - extensive input protection prevents damage to the pod from common accidental abuses such as plugging the pod into the socket backwards. Plug is inserted into socket on pod for self-test. Pins can be protected there when not in use. Partial List of Processors Supported Z80A 68010 8042 8344 Z80B 6802 8044 8741 Z8001 6802NS 8048 8741A Z8002 6808 8049 8742 Z8003 6809 8050 8744 Z8004 6809E 8051 8748 1802 8031 8052 8749 1804 8032 8080 8751 1805 8035 8085A 9900 1806 8039 8085-2 80186 6502 8040 8086 80188 6800 8041 8088 80286 68000 8041A The 9000 Series Micro-System Troubleshooters - 9005A, 9010A, and 9020A - are among the most comprehensive troubleshooting instruments ever developed for locating faults on microprocessor-based systems. They include built-in preprogrammed test routines for checking the entire microprocessor kernel: bus, RAM, ROM, and I/O. Included is a troubleshooting Probe that you can use either to monitor logic action on a node-by-node basis or to inject stimulus pulses. The three troubleshooters differ primarily in their programming and system capabilities. The 9010A is a self-contained, programmable model that lets you develop your own customized test programs. Using the 9010A, you can perform specialized guided fault-isolation routines on any portion of a board’s digital circuitry. The nonprogrammable 9005A includes the same built-in tests as the 9010A but cannot generate new test routines. It can, however, run test sequences developed on the 9010A and transferred from a mini-cassette tape. With the optional RS-232C Interface, you can also download test sequences directly from the 9010A or a host computer. Typically, you would develop guided fault-isolation programs at a central location, using a 9010A, and then run the programs at remote sites on 9005As. The 9020A, designed for systems use, runs test programs written and stored in a system controller or Other computer. You can also combine the 9020A with Other test instruments to troubleshoot complex microprocessor-based products with special measurement and control problems. The 9020A has no programming keys or cassette tape capability, so test sequences must be executed through the RS-232C or GPIB/ IEEE-488 port.

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Date: 1990
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