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PACO Precision Apparatus Corporation 915 Valve characteristic meter
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The Series 910, 912 and 915 Dynamic Electronoraeters are modem push-button operated radio tube analyzers· They also provide a system for obtaining qualitative analysis of ballast units and paper condensers· The tube Analyzer circuit of these instruments makes use of an exclusive PRECISICR engineered tube test system, which in one operation, effectively checks the two most important electrical characteristics of a radio tube, namely, MUTUAL CONDUCTANCE AND CATHODE STRUCTURE (EMISSION). The novel automatic interlocking PUSH-BUTTON element selector, incorporated in the Series 910, 912 and 915, provides for simplicity in operation, visible filament continuity tests, speedy short check, cathode leakage, ballast unit tests, and rapidly locates all tube elements for application of individual test voltages· From the features listed, it will be noted how accurate and reliable testing can be efficiently and easily accomplished with the Series 910, 912 and 915 laboratory testers· TUBE ANALYZING FEATURES 1· A DYNAMIC TUBE TESTER employing an exclusive PRECISION engineered circuit, which in one operation, effectively tests all radio receiving tubes for both MUTUAL CONDUCTANCE and CATHODE STRUCTURE (EMISSION). 2· TESTS ALL TYPE TUBES: ACCOMMODATES ALL FILAMENT VOLTAGES from 1.4 to 110 volts, including the new 35, 45, 50, 70, 85 and 110 volt filaments. TESTS ALL LOKTALS, BANTAM JUNIORS (Miniature Hearing Aid and Pocket Radio Tubes), BANTAMS, SINGLE-ENDED (Television Amplifiers), REGULAR OCTALS (MG, G AND METALS), SPRAY-SHIELD AND GLASS TYPES, AND THE NEW MINIATURE 7 PIN TYPES* 3· TUBE MERIT indications are read directly on a three colored ENGLISH READING SCALE. 4. DOUBLE WINDOW ROLLER TUBE CHART provides speedy, easy reading tube references· New charts furnished from time to time at no charge. 5. DUAL FREE-POINT FILAMENT TERMINAL SELECTION locates terminals of ALL filaments (single, double, center-tapped and tapped) regardless of any rotating pin positions. 6· VISIBLE FILAMENT CONTINUITY TESTS show up open filaments for ALL types of tubes regardless of filament base connections· This PRECISION developed feature eliminates delay by immediately determining whether or not the filament of a tube under test is intact· 7· AUTOMATIC PUSH-BUTTON SYSTEM: PRECISION designed interlocking push-button selector system affords the extreme in flexibility for non-obsolescent FREE POINT TUBE ANALYSIS and Insures ability to accommodate future tube releases. 8. SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL LOADS AND VOLTAGES (control grid, screen, plate, etc.,) applied to respective elements of tube under test. 9· VARYING A.C. SIGNAL applied to control grids. 10· METER'READS IN PLATE CIRCUIT: Indications therefore are entirely dependent upon control action of ALL intervening elements. 11· OPEN ELEMENTS: Shows up tubes with any open element· The PRECISION DYNAMIC TEST NECESSITATES ALL ELEMENTS Intact for proper reading· 12· TESTS diodes, triodes, rectifiers, tetrodes, pentodes, multi-purpose tubes, gaseous types 0Z3-0Z4 and remote control gaseous types 0A4 and 2A4 regardless of varying filaments or other element positions. 13. MULTI-SECTION TUBES: Individual tests for each section of multi-section tubes Including visible tests of the fluorescent screen and winking effect on cathode ray Indicator tubes. No shifting of tubes necessary to obtain all tests· 14· HOT CATHODE LEAKAGE TEST: Sensitive neon method quickly shows up poor cathode structure in accord with leakage specifications of leading tube manufacturers# 15· HOT INTER-ELEMENT SHORT TESTS made ingeniously simple through the use of PRECISION Automatic Interlocking Push-Buttons· 16· NOISE TEST pin jacks incorporated for earphone or Amplifier connection· Each element can be separately tested for noise through use of free-point Automatic Interlocking PUSH-BUTTON ELEMENT SELECTOR SYSTEM. 17· BALLAST TEST: The regular tube test sockets accommodate all ballast unit tests for open and loose elements and leakage between sections of multisection ballasts, made possible through the Precision Push-Button system· 18· PILOT LIGHT TESTS for all miniature screw base and bayonet type lamps. 19. ACCURACY of the tube test circuit is closely maintained by the use of irkliv- idual calibrating controls, adjusted and sealed against laboratory standards. 20· LARGE MODERN PRECISION SQUARE METER. 21· TUBE SELECTION REFERENCES plainly marked on panel· Nothing to remember· 22· PILOT LIGHT ON-OFF INDICATOR: Fused line plug· 23· MICRO-LINE ADJUSTMENT read directly on meter, provided by use of variable heavy duty line voltage control· No arbitrarily tapped transformer employed. 24. TELEPHONE CABLED WIRING EMPLOYED THROUGHOUT. 25. PAPER CONDENSER LEAKAGE TESTS. SENSITIVE NEON METHOD.

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