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Lafayette Comstat 25A Transceiver
Model: Comstat 25A
Date: 1965
Category: Radio, Communication
Group: Transceiver
Description: 23- Channel CB Transceiver
                                    The Lafayette "Comstat 25 A " is a combination transmitter
and receiver designed tor use in Class "D" operation in the
11 meter citizens radio service. It is designed to meet the
Federal Communications Commission requirements applicable to
equipment Operating in this service under class "D"
emission, and not to be used for any other purpose. Rules
Part 95 of the FCC regulations defines operation in this
service and the licensee is required to read and understand
these regulations prior to operating a CB transmitter.
Copies of Manual VI (covering the FCC regulations for the
Citizens Band Radio Service) includes Part 95 and are
available for $1.25 from the Superintendent of Docurments,
U. S, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. A
station license may be obtained by submitting a properly
completed Station License Application, Form 505 as directed.

It is illegal to operate the transmitter section of this
transceiver prior to receiving a valid station license and
call sign. NOTE: It is the transmitter that is licensed NOT
the operator. Anyone may operate a properly licensed CB
transmitter but the licensee will be held responsible for
any violations incurred during use. A properly completed
Identification Card Form 452-C must be attached to the

The transceiver will provide economical and reliable radio
communication in its intended application if installed and
operated in accordance with instructions contained herein,


The receiver is designed to receive amplitude modulated
signals in the 26.965 to 27.255 Me {11-meter) citizens band.
The circuit is a highly sensitive and selective
dual-conversion superheterodyne type, with one RF and two IF
amplifiers. The unit employs a frequency-synthesized circuit
in which 13 crystals (all supplied) are used to provide full
23 channel crystal-controlled operation (receive and
transmit), switch-selected from the front panel. The unit is
equipped with an 11-pin socket at the rear of the chassis
which offers direct plug-in facilities for the Lafayette
Priva-Com Selective Call unit.

Features incorporated into the receiver section include an
S-meter for reading signal strength, a full time automatic
noise limiter, and an adjustable squelch control which can
be used to "quiet" the receiver When no signal is being
received. As a further aid to better reception, the circuit
includes a control that offers "fine tuning" on receive.
This control, which has a range of 2.5 Kc, permits optimum
reception of stations that are slightly off frequency.


The transmitter is desighed to transmit amplitude modulated
signals in the 26.965 to 27.255 Me (11-meter) citizens band.
The frequency synthesized circuit used for receive is also
common to the transmitter and used in the transmit mode to
provide full 23 channel crystal-controlled operation. A
push-to-talk button on the ceramic microphone (supplied)
offers reliable relay switching. Plate modulation is
employed (100% capability), with up to 5 watts plate power the final RF. Also included is a special
"Range-Boost" circuit which, when "on", concentrates more
audio power into the sidebands by providing maximum
modulation on all syllables. This feature offers maximum
communication distance when noisy conditions make reception
of your signal difficult, A relative RF power meter (which
automatically functions as an S-meter on receive) indicates
relative RF power at the antenna. An added feature is a
provision for public address, utilizing the microphone and
audio circuits to feed an external speaker connected to the
Phones output jack.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Date: 1965
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