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Hewlett Packard 113BR Frequency counter
Hewlett Packard
Model: 113BR
Date: 1961
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Frequency counter
Description: Frequency Divider and Clock

The Model 113BR is a component instrument in the Hewlett-Packard frequency and time standard system (see paragraph 1-8). Instrument specifications are listed in table 1-1. The Model 113BR indicates time on a standard clock face and provides 1-pps output pulses or ticks whose phase can be manually adjusted using a calibrated front-panel control. In operation,. the phasing control is adjusted to give time coincidence between the clock tick and a master timing tick. The time difference between two phase settings can be read directly from the phasing control and is used to compute system Oscillator frequency. 1-5. The Specification H02 113BR is a standard Model 113BR which has been tuned for sideral time operation, using an input frequency of approximately 100.27379091 kc. The tuned circuits which are affected include T1 through T8. 1-6. In this manual, the Model 113BR Frequency Divider and Clock is referred to as the “clock”. 1-7. The clock meets the performance requirements of military specification MIL-E-16400 and is suitable for mobile operation. Fail-safe operation is provided by using non-self-starting frequency dividers and a non-self-starting synchronous clock motor. The clock therefore either continues to operate without error or ceases operation completely in case of momentary failure of either the external Power supply or the external Frequency Standard.

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SERIALS PREFIXED: 107 - This manual provides complete instructions on installation, operation, and maintenance of the Hewlett-Packard Model 113BR Frequency Divider and Clock (figure 1-1) and the Specification H02 113BR Frequency Divider and Clock. This manual applies directly to all instruments with serial numbers prefixed 107-. Serial number is stamped on rear of cabinet and on serial number tag on chassis inside cabinet.


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