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Simpson TS112 Analog multimeter
Model: TS112
Date: 2004
Category: Measurement instruments
Group: Analog multimeter
Description: Multimeter for Railroad Servicing

Designed for today's railroad equipment, the flexible TS112 is also compatible with older technologies while offering features and functions unavailable on standard VOM's. Fewer jacks, more ranges and a comprehensive front panel guarantee the simplicity and the user-friendly structure of the TS112. The TS112 railroad tester measures parameters with greater accuracy: resistance with a Multi-Turn Ohms Adjust Control, Relay Contact On-Time without adjustment, Code Rate without counting pointer swings, On-Time with live signals as well as relay contacts, and automatic measurement of Peak Levels. Regulating the peak level is possible without constantly readjusting the Tester. The following standard features are exclusive only to the TS112 Railroad Tester. -Auto-polarity on all DC function. Red Negative Indicator LED -Ohmmeter Voltage Mode detects foreign voltage of either polarity -Power savings Sleep Feature prevents draining of batteries -Measures Pulse Code Transmit and receives currents independently

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

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Language: english
Date: 02 November 2004
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