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Yaesu FL-7000 Amplifier
Model: FL-7000
Category: Radio Communication
Group: Amplifier
Description: HF Solid State, Automatic Tuning QSK Linear Amp

The FL-70(H) is a microprocessor-controlled, all solid state linear Amplifier with built-in Power Supply and automatic Antenna tuner, providing up to 1.2 kilowatts RF input power on the 160- through 10-meter HF amateur radio bands, including the WARC bands.* Super-fast transmit/receive turnaround timing allows the FL-7000 to be used for QSK CW, HF packet radio and even AMTOR with an exciter so designed. Requiring only 70 watts of excitation for full output, four transistors with 300-watt collector dissipation each are combined in a fully protected push-pull parallel wideband “no-tune" Amplifier circuit, powered by a heavy duty regulated 47-V, 25-A DC Power Supply and cooled by a bottom mounted fan through Yaesu's own “DVC" (Direct Vertical Cooling) heatsinking system (patent pending). A high-power, low loss automatic internal Antenna Tuner automatically rematches the Antenna whenever SWR exceeds 2:1, Band changes are also completely automatic when the FL-7000 is used with Yaesu transceivers equipped with digital band data output, such as the FT-747GX, FT-757GX(II), PT-767C.X, FT-990 and FT-1000. When changing bands, previously stored Antenna selection and Tuner setting are recalled from lithium-backed memories automatically; transmission and retuning arc not required. When rematching to a new load, the power Amplifier section automatically turns off until the Antenna has been matched. Six different parameters in the amplifier, Power Supply and Tuner are simultaneously monitored by the protective circuitry to avoid distortion of the rf output as well as to protect the components: collector current, driving power from exciter, temperature of Amplifier and regulator heatsinks, VSWR at output, push-pull circuit balance and ALC voltage fed back to exciter. Dual 2 speed cooling fans are-controlled with independent thermal sensors, for the Amplifier and Power Supply. Two large, clearly lit meters provide constant monitoring of Amplifier current concurrently with either relative power output, supply voltage, automatic VSWR or ALC, Flight LEDs on the front panel inform the operator of Tuner and protection system status, including fan activity and high/low speed. Additional LEDs indicate the selected band and Antenna. Up to four different antennas can be connected and automatically selected by the FL-7000’s microprocessor for different bands when the optional FAS-1-4R remote Antenna relay unit is used. Without costly vacuum tubes there is no need fur a dangerous high-voltage supply in the FL-7000, eliminating the problems of tube and high voltage component failures. However, should your FL-7000 ever need realignment, it has been designed with every alignment point easily accessible by simply removing the top cover.

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