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Kantronics KPC-3 Modem
Model: KPC-3
Date: 1992
Category: Computer equipment
Group: Modem
Description: Terminal Node Controller
                                    The KPC-3 is a Terminal Node Controller (TNC). A TNC is very
similar to a telephone modem in that it receives digital
signals from your computer (Terminal) and converts them to
tones suitable for transmission to a distant location. The
TNC also receives tones from your radio and converts them
into the digital signals understood by your computer.

A TNC, however, does much more, because it also controls the
push-to-talk line of your transmitter, keying the radio
whenever it needs to send data. It also converts the data
you want to send into a “packet”, adding the required
addressing, error checking and control information to insure
the data gets from one Node to the next. The error checking
implemented in your TNC must be the same as the error
checking used by any other station you want to talk to, and
this standard method is called a protocol. The protocol used
in Amateur Radio Packet TNCs is called AX.25. Different
protocols are used for other modes of operation, such as AMTOR.

In order for your TNC to do something, you must issue
instructions to it, letting it know exactly what you want
done. In order to accomplish this, the TNC must be in the
Command Mode (expecting you to give it instructions) and any
time you want to change the way your TNC operates, you must
be in this mode. The TNC tells you that it is ready for your
commands by sending you the prompt **cmd:”.

When you want to send data to another station, you must
place your TNC into the CONVERS mode, which allows you to
converse with other users. This is normally done
automatically for you when you connect to another station,
or when another station connects to you.

These manuals are available for the above equipment:

Manual Type: Service and User Manual Kantronics-5509-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Pages: 139
Size: 3.95 Mbytes (4144632 Bytes)
Language: english
Date: 1992
Quality: Scanned document, all readable.
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Downloads: 436 since 01 March 2014
This manual is designed to be used as a reference source for
your KPC-3. If you are not familiar with connecting a
Kantronics TNC to your computer and radios, we suggest that
you refer to the Getting Started manual.

The first part of this manual describes all of the commands
that are present in the KPC-3 and should be used mainly as a
reference to find the purpose of a specific command. The
commands are listed alphabetically. Following the commands
section is an operational description of each mode available
with your KPC-3 - Packet, Wefax, Host and Kiss modes are

The final sections of this manual include information
concerning the installation of your KPC-3 (which supplements
the Getting Started manual), calibration and equalization,
installing options into the KPC-3, and other hardware
related matters.

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