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Johnson Courier Amplifier
Model: Courier
Category: Radio Communication
Group: Amplifier

The new Viking "Courier" delivers full communication power — rated a solid one-half kilowatt P.E.P.* input as a Class B linear amplifier; one-half kilowatt input on CW or 200 watts in AM linear mode; in a completely self-contained desk-top package. The Viking "Courier" may be driven by the Viking "Challenger" "Ranger," "Pacemaker" or other unit of comparable output. Continuous coverage 3.5 to 30 megacycles (bandswitched) — high efficiency pi-network output circuit. Rotary tank coil and plate tuning capacitor are ganged to single control and provide uniform loaded tank circuit Q throughout operating range. Unique laboratory stability tests assure an Amplifier with exceptional overall stability appreciably superior to other amplifiers. Fully TVI suppressed and filtered; completely self-contained with built-in Power Supply. Cabinet type and dimensions are the same as the Viking "Ranger," providing a very compact and neatly packaged desk top layout when used together. Operating controls and meter are easily accessible for operation and testing. Molded rubber feet attached to cabinet base protect table top and help to insure adequate ventilation.

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