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Icom AH-3 Tuner
Model: AH-3
Date: 1988
Category: Radio Communication
Group: Tuner
Description: HF Automatic Antenna Tuner

•WIDE TUNING RANGE The AH-3 provides reliable matching for frequencies from 3.5 MHz to 30 MHz when using at least a 3 m (10 ft) Antenna such as the AH-2b Antenna ELEMENT (with a 50 cm lead-in wire). When operating above 1.8 MHz, use at least a 12 m (40 ft) antenna. •AUTOMATIC DIGITAL CONTROL TUNING The built-in 8-bit microcomputer chooses the lowest SWR condition from more than 260,000 different LC (coil/capacitor) combinations. •EIGHT-FREQUENCY MEMORY FOR FAST TUNING The LC combinations of 8 previously used frequencies are automatically memorized in the AH-3. Once a frequency is memorized, the AH-3 tunes on that frequency in less than 1 sec. Note that the AH-3 does not memorize a frequency which is normally tuned within 2.5 sec. Memories are retained only when the power is ON. •WEATHERPROOF DESIGN The AH-3's tightly sealed plastic case allows convenient mounting virtually anywhere. The AH-3 can be mounted outdoors under your Antenna. •0.3 W RADIATED POWER Radiated power during tuning is less than 0.3 W, minimizing interference to other stations.

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