Model Date Group Description
4039-10R June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-12C June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-12C plus June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-12L June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-12L plus June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-12R June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-12R plus June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-16L June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
4039-16L plus June 1996PrinterLaser Printer
Dock Station I 3545) May 1995Notebook
Dock Station II (3546) May 1995Notebook
Expansion Unit (3550) May 1995Notebook
Laptop CL57 (8554) May 1995Notebook
Laptop L40SX (8543) May 1995Notebook
Notebook N45SL (2614) May 1995Notebook
Notebook N51XX (8551) May 1995Notebook
Portable P70/P75 (8573) May 1995Notebook
SelectaDock (3547) March 1997Notebook
SelectaDock II November 1996NotebookDocking Station
SelectaDock III (3547) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 240 December 2000Notebook
ThinkPad 240X (2609) May 2000Notebook
ThinkPad 300 (2615) May 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 310 February 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 310D February 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 310E February 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 310ED February 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 340x (2610) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 350 (2618) May 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 355x (2619) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 360x (2620) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 365C/CD (2625) March 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 365CS/CSD (2625) March 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 365X/XD (2625) March 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 370x (9545) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 380 (2635) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 380XD (2635) May 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 380Z (2635) August 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 385 (2635) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 385XD (2635) May 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 390/i Series 1700 (2626, 2627) November 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 390E (2626) March 1999Notebook
ThinkPad 390X November 1999Notebook
ThinkPad 500 (2603) May 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 510 (2604) May 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 560 (2640) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 560E (2640) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 560X (2640-60x, 70x) October 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 560Z (2640) August 1998Notebook
ThinkPad 570 (MT 2643/2644) January 2000Notebook
ThinkPad 570E (MT 2643/2644) January 2000Notebook
ThinkPad 600/600E (2645) June 1999Notebook
ThinkPad 600X (MT 2645) January 2000Notebook
ThinkPad 600X (MT 2646) January 2000Notebook
ThinkPad 700x (9552) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 701x (2630) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 710T (2523) May 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 720x (9552) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 750x (9545) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 755x (9545) April 1995Notebook
ThinkPad 760C/CD (9546) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 760E/ED (9546) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 760EL/ELD (9547) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 760L/LD (9546) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 760XD (9547) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 760XL (9546) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 765D (9546) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 765L (9547) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 770 (9548, 9549) September 1997Notebook
ThinkPad 770 (9548) January 1999Notebook
ThinkPad 770E/ED (9548) January 1999Notebook
ThinkPad 770X (9549) January 1999Notebook
ThinkPad 770Z (9549) January 1999Notebook
ThinkPad A20m (MT 2628/2633) October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A20p (MT 2629) October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A21e (MT 2655/2663/2664) June 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A21e (MT2628/MT2632) December 2000Notebook
ThinkPad A21m (MT 2628/2633) October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A21p (MT 2629) October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A22e (MT 2655/2663/2664) June 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A22m (MT 2628/2633) October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A22m Wireless models (MT 2628) November 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A22p (MT 2629) October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad A30 August 2002Notebook
ThinkPad A30p August 2002Notebook
ThinkPad A31 August 2002Notebook
ThinkPad A31p August 2002Notebook
ThinkPad Dock (MT 2631 April 2002Notebook
ThinkPad Dock (MT 2631) October 2001NotebookDocking station
ThinkPad Dock MT 2631 August 2002NotebookThinkPad Dock
ThinkPad i 1800 (MT 2655/2663/2664) June 2001Notebook
ThinkPad i Series 1200 October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad i Series 1300 October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad i Series 1400 (2611) August 1999Notebook
ThinkPad i Series 1400 (2621, 2651) February 2000Notebook
ThinkPad i Series 1500 (2621, 2651) February 2000Notebook
ThinkPad R30 September 2002Notebook
ThinkPad R31 September 2002Notebook
ThinkPad R32 Series August 2002Notebook
ThinkPad R40 March 2004Notebook
ThinkPad S30 October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad S31 October 2001Notebook
ThinkPad T20 April 2002Notebook
ThinkPad T21 April 2002Notebook
ThinkPad T22 April 2002Notebook
ThinkPad T23 April 2002Notebook
ThinkPad T30 (MT 2366/2367) 2002Notebook
ThinkPad TransNote (MT 2675) December 2000Notebook
ThinkPad X20 March 2002Notebook
ThinkPad X21 March 2002Notebook
ThinkPad X22 March 2002Notebook
ThinkPad X23 March 2002Notebook
ThinkPad X24 March 2002Notebook
ThinkPad X30 (MT 2672/2673) July 2002Notebook
WorkPad z50 Mobile Companion (2608-1Ax March 1999Notebook
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