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Sony BKDW-515 Videorecorder
Modell: BKDW-515
Datum: 1995
Kategorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Gruppe: Videorecorder

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INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL DVW-A500/1 Serial No. 50001 and Higher DVW-500/1 Serial No. 50001 and Higher DVW-A500P/1 Serial No. 50001 and Higher DVW-500P/1 Serial No. 50001 and Higher BKDW-515 Serial No. 10001 and Higher This Manual describes the installation instructions for the digital videocassette recorder DVW-A500/1, 500/1, A500P/1, 500P/1 and the Control panel BKDW-515. This manual contains the information necessary when supplying and installing the unit, assuming use by system/service engineers. Contents The sections covered in the manual are summarized below to give you a general under standing of the manual. Section 1 Installation Explains the installation of the control panel. Section 2 Service Overview Explains replacement of the memory backup battery and EL panel. Section 3 Setup Menu Explains Setup menu of ITEM-F series only. As for ITEM-H00 to ITEM-900 series, refer to Operation Manual. Section 4 Maintenance Menu Explains VTR Maintenance Menu and PANEL Maintenance menu. Section 5 Block Diagram Describes the overall block diagram. Section 6 Spare parts Describes the exploded views for the this unit, mounted boards list, packing list, and standard accessories list.


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