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Fluke PM6306 LCR Meter
Modell: PM6306
Datum: 1996
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: LCR Meter
Beschreibung: Programmable Automatic RCL Meter
                                    The PM6306 Programmable Automatic RCL Meter is used for precise measurements of resistance, capacitance, and inductance. Its basic accuracy is 0.1 %. The instrument provides an autofunction and autoranging feature. It allows fast and high precision measurements and diagnostic of passive components over a wide range.

The component to be measured is connected to the instrument via front panel test posts, the PM 9541A four-wire test cable, or the PM 9542A four-terminal test adapter. The Adapter PM 9542SMD or the PM 9540/TWE SMD Tweezers for surface-mounted components are also available.

Measurements are performed using a four-wire system.

The test frequency is selectable in the range from 50 Hz to 1 MHz.

The test voltage is selectable from 50 mV to 2 V rms.

The measurement result, the numerical value, dimension, and the equivalent circuit symbol, are all displayed on the large five-digit liquid-crystal display (LCD), which is updated at a rate of approximately two measurements per second.

A microprocessor controls the measurement process, computes the measurement value, and transfers the result to the display.

In the AUTO mode the dominant and the secondary parameter, either R, C, or L of the component under test is automatically selected for display.

For example, for an inductance with a quality factor Q between 1 and 1000, the instrument indicates the measurement value of the series inductance and the series resistance and as the equivalent-circuit symbol, the series connection of an inductance and a resistance.

In addition to AUTO mode, the following modes can be selected:

■	Series respectively parallel components - Impedance Z

■	Phase angle <I>

■	Quality factor Q, dissipation factor D

■	Component voltage Vx, component current lx

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This USERS MANUAL contains information on all features of the PM6306 instrument.

It starts with a shipment note and an initial inspection.

The manual is organized into the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Installation and Safety Instructions

This chapter should be read before unpacking, installing, and operating the instrument. It describes grounding, power cables, and line voltage settings.

Chapter 2 Main Features

This chapter describes the main features of the instrument, its functions, operation modes, measurement possibilities and its options.

Chapter 3 Getting Started

This chapter starts with general procedures and precautions necessary for operation followed by a short functional test. It contains a description of the display, a summary of controls and connectors on the front and rear panels, and a description of accessories and measurement setups.

Chapter 4 How to Use the Instrument

This chapter provides the user with detailed explanations of the measurement principle and the measurement of different components.

Chapter 5 Function Reference

This chapter contains a description of each function in alphabetical order.

Each description includes an explanation of local and remote control functions.

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