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Vishay Instruments BAM-1 Level Meter
Vishay Instruments
Modell: BAM-1
Datum: 1976
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Level Meter
Beschreibung: Bridge Amplifier and Meter

The BAM-1 Bridge Amplifier and Meter is a battery- operated instrument used primarily to measure the -output of resistance-type strain gages or transducers. Static outputs can be read directly on the self-contained deflection meter or an external recorder; dynamic outputs up to 20 kHz can be read on an Oscilloscope. . Briefly, the BAM-1 consists of: a) A battery to supply bridge excitation up to 12 Vdc; b) Bridge completion and circuits to achieve initial bridge balance; c) Shunt-calibration circuits; d) A fixed-gain dc differential Amplifier (with battery power); and e) A linear 4½" center-zero readout meter. 1.2 The principle features of the BAM-1 include: ... Operation by self-contained batteries (115 and 230 Vac Power Packs optional). ... Ultra-stable dc Amplifier with a gain of 250, flat up to 20 kHz (100 kHz in Model BAM-1B). ... Adjustable system gain from ± 100 to 15,000 µe full scale (one active 120Ω gage). ... Built-in shunt calibration from 20 to 20,000µe in 10 steps (one active gage). ... Amplifier can be used independently for thermo couples, etc.

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This Manual applies specifically to BAM-l's above serial number 14600. The Operating Procedure applies to essentially all BAM-1 "s including those made by Vishay Instruments or Ellis Associates, regardless of date of manufacture, except for Quarter Bridge hook-up and Other very minor discrepancies. SECTION 1 : DESCRIPTION Page GENERAL ... 3 SPECIFICATIONS ... 3 CONTROLS ... 4 SECTION 2: OPERATING PROCEDURE INPUT CONNECTIONS ... 5 WIRING CONSIDERATIONS ... 5 INITIAL ADJUSTMENTS ... 6 CALIBRATION CALCULATIONS ... 6 STATIC MEASUREMENTS WITH PANEL METER ... 7 DYNAMIC MEASUREMENTS ... ... 8 NOISE ... 9 WARRANTY ... 10 SECTION 3: SERVICING DATA BATTERY REPLACEMENT ... 11 TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDES ... II ADJUSTMENTS ... 11 COMPONENT REPLACEMENT ... 11 SCHEMATIC ... 1 ... 12


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