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LeCroy 9314A Oszilloskop
Modell: 9314A
Datum: 1994
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
Beschreibung: Digital Storage Oscilloscope

The 9310A family forms a range of ideal general-purpose digital oscilloscopes. They capture single-shot events at up to 100 MSamples/s, and repetitive signals at 10 GSamples/s. Record lengths up to 1M points provide high-quality horizontal resolution, and allow fast digitizing of long-duration events. Memories can be segmented, for minimum dead time between acquisitions. Live waveforms may be viewed simultaneously with up to 3 expansions, showing all of the signal detail. Expansions are shown as highlights on the main trace. The LeCroy ProBus™ intelligent Probe system allows automatic sensing of the Probe type. For LeCroy's active FET probes it also provides variable offset at the Probe tip; offset and coupling are controlled from the scope front panel. SMART Trigger modes like Glitch, Window and Dropout allow you to capture precisely the events of interest. A comprehensive range of signal processing functions, on live or stored waveforms, allows waveform manipulation without destroying the underlying data. The 9310A family features the proven user-interface of LeCroy's portable scope family. A bright, high-resolution 9" CRT allows optimum waveform viewing under any conditions. Menus and text are arranged around the graticules -they never overwrite the waveforms. Each of the main control functions has a dedicated single knob, to keep the scope’s performance at your fingertips. DOS compatible floppy disk and memory card options store waveforms and test setups, and make transferring data to a PC easier than ever before. Hardcopies may be made on GPIB, RS-232-C or Centronics printers or plotters. An optional internal Printer is also available. Optional packages provide extensive Waveform Processing including FFT and Enhanced Resolution to 11 bits.

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