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Mindray PM-8000 Express Überwachungssystem
Modell: PM-8000 Express
Datum: 2005
Kategorie: Medizinische und biomedizinische Geräte
Gruppe: Überwachungssystem
Beschreibung: Patient Monitor

This monitor integrates the functions of parameter measurement, waveform monitoring, freezing, and recording, etc. Its color TFT liquid crystal display is able to show patient parameters and waveforms clearly. The monitor also features compact size, lightweight, easy-to-carry handle and built-in battery, which make it portable, especially in hospital transport. The compact control panel and control knob, and the easy-to-use menu system enable you to freeze, record, or perform other operations conveniently. Besides, this monitor can be connected with the central Monitoring System whereby a monitoring network will be formed. Functions This monitor is capable of monitoring the following parameters. ECG Heart rate (HR) 2 channels of ECG waveforms Arrhythmia and ST segment analysis (optional) Pace analysis (PACE) RESP Respiration rate (RR) Respiration waveform SpO 2 Oxygen saturation (SpO2) Pulse rate (PR) SpO2 plethysmogram NIBP Systolic pressure (NS), diastolic pressure (ND), mean pressure (NM) TEMP Temperature of channel 1 (T1), temperature of channel 2 (T2), and temperature differential between two channels (TD) IBP 2 channels of IBP waveforms Systolic (SYS), diastolic (DIA), and mean (MEAN) pressure. CO2 End-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) Fractional inspiratory carbon dioxide (FiCO2) Air-way Respiration Rate (AwRR)

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This manual provides the instructions necessary to operate the PM-8000 Express Patient Monitor (hereinafter called as this monitor) in accordance with its function and intended use. Observance of this manual is a prerequisite for proper performance and correct operation, and ensures patient and operator safety. This manual is written based on the maximum configuration. Part of this manual may not apply to your monitor. If you have any question about the configuration of your monitor, please contact our Customer Service. This manual is an integral part of and should always be kept close to the patient monitor, so that it can be obtained conveniently when necessary.


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