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Tektronix DF2 Analyzer
Modell: DF2
Datum: 1978
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Analyzer
Beschreibung: Display Formatter

The DF Display Formatter provides data-domain display modes in addition to the existing time-domain display of the 7D01 Logic Analyzer. It adds state table displays with a comparison mode, a map display and other operational modes as assigned to the Menu List. The DF attaches to the left side of the 7D01, forming a three-wide plug in assembly. This assembly operates in a 7000-series Oscilloscope mainframe to comprise a complete 16-channel logic timing-state Analyzer system. A microprocessor controlled memory system, contained in the DF, is capable of recording two 7D01 information records. Portions of both information records may be displayed concurrently in a state table presentation. State tables are displayed in terms of either hexadecimal, octal, or binary formats. This data may be displayed in up to two tables of 17 lines of 16-bit words each. The left-hand table displays data currently stored in the 7D01 memory I7D01 display). The right-hand table displays data that h8S been transferred from previous 7D01 displays to the DF memory (reference display). The DF compares the 2 tables and resets the 7D01 when the 7D01 data equals the reference data. The map function plots a dot display of the 16 data channels in X-Y coordinate points. Each dot location represents one possible combination of up to 16 inputs to the 7D01.

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Datum: 01 Januar 1978
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The Instruction Manual contains eleven sections. Operating information is covered in the first four sections; servicing information is covered in the remaining seven sections. Schematic diagrams are located at the rear of the manual and can be unfolded for reference while reading other parts of the manual. The reference designators and symbols used on the schematic diagrams are defined on the first page of the Diagrams and Circuit Board Illustrations section. Abbreviations used in the manuals, except in the parts list and schematic diagrams, comply with the American National Standards Institute Y1.1-1972 publication. The parts list is a computer printout and uses computer-supplied abbreviations.


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