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Tektronix VX1410A Test Set
Modell: VX1410A
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Test Set
Beschreibung: IntelliFrame VXIbus Mainframe

The IntelliFrame Mainframes are intelligent, 13-slot, C-size, VXIbus Mainframes. They fully comply with the VXIbus Specification 1.4 requirements and are VXIplug&play compatible. The mainframes can be configured as standard benchtop or optional rackmount instruments. The mainframes have the following features: High output Power supply Intelligent cooling for installed modules Super CoolerT (VX1420A) High quality auto-configuration backplane Enhanced Monitor Front panel display (Optional for VX1410A) EMI DIN shields for superior EMI protection Optional adjustable rackmounts and cable trays Power Supply The IntelliFrame Mainframe provides all VXIbus voltages at levels necessary for the most demanding ATE applications. The Power supply has a volt-ampere capacity of 1783 VA with 875 watts usable by VXI instrument modules at any one time (refer to Appendix A: Power Budget Worksheet). The mainframe accommodates exclusively digital applications, exclusively analog applications, or combinations of both. The Power supply plugs directly into the rear of the mainframe and has no cables to disconnect. The Power supply can be replaced in less than three minutes, minimizing downtime. The Power supply automatically sets the ranges for the appropriate input voltage and frequency.

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The VX1410A & VX1420A IntelliFrame Mainframe Instruction Manual provides information on using the mainframe. The manual includes the following chapters: Getting Started provides a brief description of the IntelliFrame Mainframe, a list of Accessories that accompany the mainframe, installation and configuration procedures, and a functional check procedure. Operating Basics provides a functional overview of the mainframe and includes illustrations of the main components. Specifications lists all of the warranted characteristics, nominal traits, and typical characteristics of the mainframe. Reference provides reference information on the various connectors on the mainframe. It also provides details on the command set and programming information for the Enhanced Monitor option. Performance Verification includes the performance verification procedures used to verify the advertised specifications of the mainframe. Theory of Operation includes a brief overview of the theory of operation for the IntelliFrame Mainframe. Adjustment chapter describes adjustment procedures for the IntelliFrame Mainframe. Maintenance is intended for qualified service personnel who need to service the mainframe. Module-level removal and replacement procedures and troubleshooting procedures are included in this chapter. Replaceable Parts includes a list of replaceable mechanical and electrical parts for the mainframe to be used with the maintenance chapter. It also includes the exploded view diagrams of the mainframe and options. Appendices includes a power budget worksheet, a description of special configuration options and SCPI conformance information. Glossary. Index.


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