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Sennheiser Electronic SKM 5000 Mikrofon
Sennheiser Electronic
Modell: SKM 5000
Datum: 2002
Kategorie: Bühnen-Studiotechnik
Gruppe: Mikrofon
Beschreibung: Microphone/transmitter

The easy handling and flexible adaptation to every recording situation stand the test especially in the daily routine: Screw-on condenser Microphone heads with a powerful sound suitable for a wide variety of applications due to different pick-up patterns (omni-directional, cardioid and super-cardioid). A super-cardioid dynamic Microphone head capable of accommodating extremely high sound pressure levels is also available. Newly developed Neumann Microphone head for demanding live stage work (recommended for use with the SKM 5000 UHF-N versions). 16 switchable transmission frequencies ensure high flexibility should one channel be subject to interference. 5-step AF preamplification in 10 dB steps for an extended level control limit of a sound pressure of 151 dB. Can be operated either on rechargeable accupacks or standard batteries with LC display (in percent) of charge status on suitable receivers. High volume range and minimum residual noise thanks to the Sennheiser noise suppression system HiDynplusTM. Models • SKM 5000 UHF-A (hematite-coloured casing) • SKM 5000 UHF-N bk (black casing) • SKM 5000 UHF-N (nickel-coloured casing) • SKM 5000 VHF Suitable receivers • system EM 1046 (resp. EM 203) • EM 3532, EM 3031, EM 3032 • EK 3041-U

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Brief description ... 12 Models ... 12 Suitable receivers ... 12 How to switch on ... 13 Channel selection ... 13 Noise suppression ... 13 How to open the SKM 5000 ... 14 Remove the Power Supply unit ... 14 Insert the batteries ... 15 LC display of the power packs ... 15 Recharge with the battery charger L 50 .. 16 Change the Microphone heads ... 16 Adjust the sensitivity ... 17 Switch on the roll-off filter ... 17 Technical data ... 18 Accessories ... 60


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