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Drake PS7 1502 Netzteil
Modell: PS7 1502
Datum: 1979
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Netzteil
                                    The PS-7 is a 13.6 volt, DC regulated power supply capable
of delivering up to 25 amps of continuous current. Excellent
voltage regulation is provided by a silicon monolithic
integrated circuit and associated circuitry. Output voltage
and current are adjustable with internal controls which have
been factory set to provide 13.6 volts at up to 25 amps.
Other features include short circuit and overvoltage
protection and programmable primary voltages. An auxiliary
13.6 VDC output is provided on the rear panel and is fused
internally at I amp. Primary voltages of 100, 120, 200, and
240 VAC, 50-60 Hz may be used with the PS-7 and may be
quickly changed via the programming switches. For demanding
duty cycles, such as extended RTTY or SSTV transmission, the
model 1529 FA-7 Cooling Fan is recommended for additional
cooling, especially at ambient, temperatures above 25°C.

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