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Cornell Dubilier Electronics AR-22R Antenne
Cornell Dubilier Electronics
Modell: AR-22R
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Antenne
Beschreibung: Antenna Rotor and Control Box
                                    Model AR-22R Antenna Rotor is designed to support and
rotate the largest television antennas. The rotor will
support stacked arrays and deep fringe area antennas. AR-22R
is not intended for large Ham beams. Large Ham beams may
present a sufficiently high wind resistance to rotate the
antenna without being energized. This will have the effect
of changing the AR-22R synchronization. For very windy areas
or large beams, the CDE TR-44 or HAM-M rotors are recommended.

The AR-22R is rated to support a dead vertical weight of 150
pounds, has 500 inch pounds of motor stall torque and
resists an overturning moment of approximately 4000 inch
pounds without guying. The control box will control to
within 6° accuracy. The rotor is lubricated for long life
and is suitable to approximately —15°F. The clicking sound
when rotating is normal.

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