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Brüel & Kjær 2236 A Level Meter
Brüel & Kjær
Modell: 2236 A
Datum: 1996
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Level Meter
Beschreibung: Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter

Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter Type 2236 is a Type 1 sound Level Meter complying with ANSI S 1.4-1983 and Draft S 1.43, 6th Sept., 1992, and EEC 651 (1979) and 804 (1985). It can measure the following parameters: • Maxi/, maximum SPL since the last reset • MinL: minimum SPL since the last reset • MaxP: maximum Peak level since the last reset • Peak: maximum Peak level in Is interval • SPL: maximum EMS level in Is interval (according to DEC 651) - Leq: equivalent continuous sound level (Leo according to IEC 804) - Llm: equivalent continuous impulse sound level (if time weighting is I) (Lfcn according to IEC 804, Appendix B) • LAV4: equivalent continuous sound level with Exchange Rate of 4dB (LAV,4 according to ANSI S 1.25) - LAV5: equivalent continuous sound level with Exchange Rate of 5dB (L^y^ according to ANSI S 1.25, Lqska)* - SEL: Sound Exposure Level (if A-weighted, then = Lg^, according to IEC 804) - IEL: Impulse Sound Exposure Level (if time weighting is I) - LEPd: Daily Personal Noise Exposure Level (see section 8.3)* - LN (3) (default L90): RMS level exceeded Ns% of the measurement time (L^) • LN (2) (default L5q): RMS level exceeded N2% of the measurement time (Lj^)** - LN (1) (default L10): RMS level exceeded N]_% of the measurement time (L^)** - Ovl: Input signal overloading instrument (% of the measurement time) In addition, Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter Types 2236 C—007 and 2236 D—007 contain Vi-octave filter sets between 31.5 Hz and 8 kHz which comply with ANSI S 1.11-1386 and IEC 225 (1966). They can measure all the above-mentioned parameters in each of the filter bands.

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1.1 About this Manual ... 1-2 1.2 About the Type 2236 Sound Level Meter ... 1- 2 Parameters ... 1-2 Settings ... 1—3 Data Operations ... 1-7 Memory ... 1-8 1.3 Practical Hints ... 1-10


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