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BK Precision 1471 Oszilloskop
BK Precision
Modell: 1471
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oszilloskop
Beschreibung: 10 MHz, TRIGGERED SWEEP Dual-Trace Oscilloscope

The B & K-Precision Model 1471 Dual-Trace Oscilloscope is a laboratory-quality, professional instrument for observing and measuring waveforms in electronic circuits. Dual vertical inputs are provided for simultaneous viewing of two waveforms. Low-frequency, low repetition rate waveforms are chopped at a 200 kHz rate to provide for simultaneous viewing. Alternate sweep of the two inputs permits simultaneous viewing of high-speed, high repetition- rate waveforms. The dual-trace feature, together with the 10 MHz bandwidth, wide range of sweep speeds, and high sensitivity provided,- make this the ideal Oscilloscope for a broad range of applications, including troubleshooting and repairing electronic equipment, research and development, and laboratory instruction. Two input waveforms can be viewed either singly or simultaneously, as desired. Only the cathode ray tube uses a filament. All other stages use transistors, diodes, FET’s (field effect transistors) and IC’s. Among the advantages of solid state construction are: • No stabilization warm-up time required. • Low power drain. • Dependability — reliability • Ruggedness. • Light weight. • Compactness. The 1471’s stability of waveform presentations is beyond comparison with non-triggered sweep oscilloscopes. The sweeps remain at rest until triggered by the signal being observed, to assure that they are always synchronized. Fully adjustable trigger threshold allows the desired portion of the waveforms to be used for triggering. Waveforms can also be synchronized to an external sync trigger. The 130 mm (approx. 5.1 inches) diameter cathode ray tube gives easy-to-read presentation on an 8 x 10 cm rectangular viewing area. Accurate measurement of the instantaneous voltages on 11 different attenuator ranges for both Channel A and Channel B. Accurate time measurements on 18 different ranges. DC to 10 MHz bandwidth and 35 nSEC rise time assure distortion- free, high resolution presentation at high frequencies. Sweep speed range of 1 /uSEC/cm to 0.5 SEC/cm provides every speed necessary for viewing waveforms from DC to 10 MHz. A five time magnification (5X) of the horizontal sweep allows close- up examination of a portion of the waveform. In addition, the 5X magnification provides a maximum sweep speed of 0.2 /iSEC/cm. Permits the low-capacitance, high- impedance, 10:1 attenuation probes to be used for virtually all measurements, thus assuring less circuit loading. A built-in sync separator circuit is included specifically for viewing television signals. When using TV SYNC, television vertical sync pulses are automatically selected at sweep times of 0.5 SEC/cm to 0.1 mSEC/cm for viewing television frames. Television horizontal sync pulses are automatically selected at sweep times of 50 ixSEC/cm to 1 /!SEC/cm for viewing television lines. The unit may be used as a vector- scope to provide a color display exactly as specified by color television manufacturers. A built-in calibrated 1 volt peak- to-peak square wave permits checking and recalibration of the vertical amplifiers without additional equipment. Intensity modulation capability included for time or frequency markers. Compatible with TTL logic; brightness increases in logic low state, decreases in logic high state.

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INTRODUCTION ... FEATURES ... SPECIFICATIONS ... OPERATOR’S CONTROLS, INDICATORS AND FACILITIES OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Initial Starting Procedure ... Single-Trace Waveform Observation ... Calibrated Voltage Measurement ... Calibrated Time Measurement ... External Horizontal Input (X-Y Operation) ... Z-Axis Input ... Dual-Trace Waveform Observation ... DUAL-TRACE APPLICATIONS Introduction ... Frequency Divider Waveforms ... Divide-by-8 Circuit Waveforms ... Digital Circuit Time Relationships ... Gated Ringing Circuit ... Delay Line Tests ... Stereo Amplifier Servicing ... Television Servicing ... SINGLE-TRACE APPLICATIONS Introduction ... Television Servicing ... Signal Tracing and Peak-to-Peak Voltage Readings ... Composite Video Waveform Analysis ... Sync Pulse Analysis ... VITS (Vertical Interval Test Signal) ... Vectorscope Operation ... TELEVISION ALIGNMENT Introduction ... Importance of Sweep Alignment ... Sweep Alignment Methods ... Tuner Alignment ... IF Alignment ... Chroma Alignment ... FM RECEIVER ALIGNMENT ... 31 PHASE MEASUREMENT ... 31 FREQUENCY MEASUREMENT ... 33 SQUARE WAVE TESTING OF AMPLIFIERS Introduction ... 33 Testing Procedure ... 34 Analyzing the Waveforms ... 34 CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION General ... 38 Vertical Preamplifiers ... 38 Mode Logic ... 38 Vertical Amplifier ... 38 Trigger Circuit ... 38 Sync Amplifier and Inverter ... 38 Auto Sweep ... 40 Horizontal Amplifier ... 40 Chopping Oscillator ... 40 1 Volt Cal Signal ... 40 Power Supply ... 40 Block Diagram ... 50 CALIBRATION ADJUSTMENTS CH 1 and CH 2 DC Balance ... 40 1/2 and 1/5 Attenuator Balance ... 40 Vertical Gain Adjustment ... 40 Horizontal Position Adjustment ... 40 WARRANTY INSTRUCTIONS ... 42 WARRANTY ... 43


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