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Data Precision 2480 Digital Multimeter
Data Precision
Modell: 2480
Datum: 1978
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Digital Multimeter

Data Precision Mode! 2480/2480R Digital multimeter is a AVi digit, laboratory quality, portable as well as bench-useful, multimeter, incorporating 25 Measuring Function/Range capabilities. These include: DCV, ACV, DCmA, ACmA, and KOhms, Resolutions of 10 microvolts, 0.1 ohms, and 10 nanoamperes are obtained at the lowest selectable full scale range, whiie voltages up to 1200VDC or 1400 peak AC and currents up to 2 amperes may be measured by Model 2480/2480R with 4V2 digit resolution and specified accuracies. All values are direct reading with automatically positioned décimai point and polarity sign (fordc measurements only), b. Model 2480 measures ac inputs with average sensing calibrated for RMS, whiie Mode! 2480R measures ac inputs with true RMS values. All other measuring functions are performed In the same manner in Mode! 2480 or Mode! 2480R. c. Information in this manual is organized so that operators and system users may locate applicable data and instructions (through Chapter 3) without having to wade-through technical detail necessary for maintenance and repair. Information in Chapters 4 and 5 essentially support the technical requirements for maintenance, trouble-shooting, and repair activities. d. The basic Model 2480/2480R is complete with integral battery charger, detachable line cord, and test probes. Optional battery pack assembly may be installed in the field at any time.

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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 General, Scope of Manual 1.2 Operating Features 1.3 Specifications 1.3.1 DC Volts 1.3.2 Resistance 1.3.3 DC Current 1.3.4 AC Volts 1.3.5 AC Current 1.3.6 All Measuring Modes 1.4 Accessories 2. OPERATION General Unpacking and Repacking Front Panel Controls and Indicators Rear Panel Features Operation 2.5.1 General 2.5.2 Signal Connections 2.5.3 Selecting a Measuring Function 2.5.4 Selecting Range, 2.5.5 Reading the Display Application Notes 2.6.1 General 2.6.2 Avoiding Ground Loops, Making “ Grounded" Measurements 2.6.3 Making "Floating” Measurements 2.6.4 Making High Resistance Measurements 2.6.5 Making Very Low Voltage Measurements Operator Servicing 3. CALIBRATION General CalibratingCalibrationAdjustments Procedures MODEL 2480/2480R 4. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION General Overall Block Diagram and System Timing 4.2.1 Input Signal Scaling 4.2.2 Tri-Phasic A/D Conversion 4.2.3 Digital Logic Programmer 4.2.4 Decoder Driver and Dispiay 4.2.5 Reference Generator 4.2.6 DC/DC Converter & Power supply Input Signal Conditioning Details 4.3.1 Voltage Attenuator 4.3.2 DCV Signal Conditioning 4.3.3 ACV Signal Conditioning 4.3.4 Current Shunt & Current input Signal Conditioning 4.3.5 Resistance Measurement Signal Conditioning Tri-Phasic AID Converter Details Isopolar Referencing Digital Logic Programmer & Master Oscillator Display DC/DC Converter & Power supply 5. MAINTENANCE General Trouble-Shooting Flow Chart Test Points Field (Operator) Maintenance Open-Meter Test Maintenance 5.5.1 General 5.5.2 Access to Meter Assembly in Case Test Equipment Power supply Test 5.8 Digital Logic Test 5.8.1 Time-Base Generation 5.8.2 Program Logic' 5.8.3 Decoder/Driver Logic 5.9 A/D Converter & Signal Conditioners Test 5.9.1 Analog A/D 5.9.2 AC/DC Signal Conditioner 5.10 Post Trouble-Shooting & Repair 6. PARTS LISTS Fold Out Reference Drawings <--IS MISSING!


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