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Amplifier Research 500A100A Verstärker
Amplifier Research
Modell: 500A100A
Datum: 1997
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Verstärker

The Model 500A 100A is a self-contained, air cooled, broadband, completely solid state Radio Frequency (RF) Amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. Push-pull circuitry is utilized in all high-power stages in the interest o f lowering distortion and improving stability. The M odel 500A100A, when used with an RF sweep generator, w ill provide a m inim um o f 500 w atts o f sw ept power. Special features incorporated into the Model 500A 100A include the following: • A front panel 4-line vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) for m onitoring am plifier status and forward or reflected output power. • A utom atic Level Control (ALC), which can be controlled by internal circuits or by an external input with front panel control o f the ALC Threshold. • Pulse input capability. • RF output level protection, • An internal RF detector, w hich provides an output for use in self-testing or operational modes. • A front panel gain control for adjusting the am plifier’s gain when operating the am plifier .in the “M anual” mode. • Provisions are m ade for rem ote control o f all operating functions of the am plifier via IEEE-488 and R S-232 com puter protocols. Protection is provided by DC current and voltage sensing o f each o f the final RF am plifier modules. Housed in a stylish, contem porary cabinet, the M odel 500A100A provides readily available RF power for typical applications such as RF susceptibility testing, antenna and component testing, wattm eter calibration, and use as a driver for higher power amplifiers.

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G E N E R A L IN F O R M A T IO N General D escription ... 1-1 Specifications ... 1-1 Pow er Supplies ... 1-2 Protection C ircuits ... 1-2 Installation ... 1-2 Location ... ... 1-2 P o w e r ... 1-2 O P E R A T IN G IN S T R U C T IO N S / KAΔG en eral ... 2-1 Control and Indicator Functions ... 2-1 K eylock S w itch ... 2-1 P O W E R S w itch ... 2-1 STA N D B Y S w itc h ... 2-3 O P E R A T E S w itc h ... 2-3 R E S E T Sw itch ... 2-3 RF Overload Alarm ... 2-3 Digital Control Panel (DCP) O p eratio n s ... 2-3 Selecting A m plifier Operating M o d e ... 2-5 Adjusting A m plifier C o n tro ls ... 2-6 Inputs and O utputs ... 2-7 R F IN P U T ... ' ... 2-7 R F O U T P U T ... 2-8 D E T E C T E D O U T P U T ... ... 2-8 D E T E C T E D IN P U T (+) (Positive) ... 2-8 D E T E C T E D IN P U T (-) (N eg a tiv e) ... 2-8 P U L S E IN P U T ... 2-8 IEEE-488 and RS-232 In terfa ces ... 2-9 A U X (Interlock) C onnector ... 2-9 A m plifier O peration ... 2-9 M anual M o d e ... 2-9 Autom atic Level Control (Internal D etector) M o d e ... 2-10 Autom atic Level Control (External D etector) M o d e ... 2-11 Pulse M o d e ... 2-12 Remote O peration ... 2-13 T H E O R Y O F O P E R A T IO N G en eral ... 3-1 A m p lifier ... 3-1 Power S u p p ly ... 3-2 Control C ircuits ... 3-2 Control C ircuits ... 3-2 Level Control C ircuits ... 3-3 TH EO R Y OF O PER A TIO N (CONTINUED) Fault D etection/Indicator C irc u its ... 3-4 Therm al Faults ... 3-4 RF O verload Faults ... 3-4 Final RF A m plifier F aults ... 3-4 Low -V oltage F a u lts ... 3-5 Front Panel C o n tro ls ... 3-5 TR O U B L E SH O O T IN G AND R E PA IR /h, G en eral ... 4-1 Д U sing the Digital Control Panel to A id in T roubleshooting ... 4-2 Pow er Supply F a u lts ... 4-2 Thermal F a u lt ... 4-2 A m plifier F ault ... ... ... 4-2 RF Overload fa u lt ... 4-2 REPLACEABLE PARTS Introduction ... 5-1 Ordering info rm atio n ... 5-1 N on-Li sted Parts ... 5-1 Circuit D esignators ... 5-1 M anufacturer A bbreviation L istin g ... 5-3 M aster L ist ... 5-3 Schem atics and Bills o f M aterials (B O M s) ... 5-3 A p p en d ix A: M a n u f a c t u r e r s 5 A b b r e v ia t io n s ... A -l R ECO M M ENDED SPARE PA R TS L ev el o f M aintenance ... 6-1 W a r r a n t ie s : Lim it a t io n o f L ia b il it ie s M odel 500A 100A Front Panel ... 2-2 M odel 500A 100A R ear P anel ... 2-2 M odel 500A100A D isplay S c re e n s ... 2-4 M odel 500A100A Signal Flow D ia g ra m ... 3-1 IEEE-488 Device Address S electio n ... 2-15 Remote Error C odes/M essages ... 2-16 RS-232 Connector P in -O u ts ... 2-17 No Schematics!


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