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IBM ThinkPad 365C/CD (2625) Notebook
Modell: ThinkPad 365C/CD (2625)
Datum: 1997
Kategorie: Computer usw.
Gruppe: Notebook

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Dokumenttyp: Serviceanleitung IBM-7443-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Seitenanzahl: 630
Dateigröße: 6.90 Mbytes (7235531 Bytes)
Sprache: Englisch
Revision: Sixth edition
Dokument-ID/Nummer: S82G-1503-05
Datum: März 1997
Qualität: Elektronisches Dokument, kein Scan, sehr gut lesbar.
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MD5: c0e4e30e77f88f1cc1fb6284961e0ffd
Downloads: 939 seit dem 26 Dezember 2015

Hardware Maintenance Manual Volume 3: ThinkPad Computers This manual contains service and reference information for IBM ThinkPad 365, 380, 385, 560, 760, and SelectaDock products. Use this manual along with the advanced diagnostic tests to troubleshoot problems effectively. The manual is divided into sections as follows: Ÿ The Introduction section provides general information, guidelines, and safety information required to service computers. Ÿ The product-specific sections include service, reference, and product-specific parts information. Ÿ The Common Devices Checkout section provides procedures for testing the devices that are commonly attached to ThinkPad computers. Ÿ The Miscellaneous Information section contains information about acronyms, abbreviations, terms, and a telephone number listing.


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