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Krohn-Hite Corporation 4200 Oscillator
Krohn-Hite Corporation
Modell: 4200
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Oscillator
Beschreibung: Test Oscillator
                                    The Model 4200 is an all silicon, solid state / 'general
purpose Test Oscillator that provides a main sine wave and
an auxiliary sine wave from 10Hz to 10MHz. It operates from
an ac source of 115 or 230V, 50-40QHz.
The main sine wave output is variable from 0 to 10 volts rms
open-circuit or 5 volts rms across 50 ohms. Maximum power
output is 1/2 watt with less than 0.1% harmonic distortion.

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This is a Preliminary Manual.

This manual provides operation and maintenance instructions
with detailed specifications, schematic diagram and parts
list for the Model 4200 Test Oscillator, illustrated in
Figure 1. When the suffix nRM is added to the model number
the Oscillator is provided with a front panel suitable for
standard rack mounting, and is identical to the bench model
in operation and performance.

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