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Rycom Instruments 6041 Level Meter
Rycom Instruments
Modell: 6041
Datum: 1986
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Level Meter
Beschreibung: Selective Level Meter

APPLICATION OF THE INSTRUMENT The 6041 SLM is a portable field or bench instrument designed to make precision measurements of both level and frequency on frequency division multiplex (FDM) equipment baseband signals. Although its primary application was intended to be on high-density long-haul microwave systems, the 6041 SLM may be employed on any communications equipment requiring selective/wide band level or frequency measurements. 1.2 ELECTRICAL FEATURES The key electrical features of the 6041 SLM are as follows: • Level Accuracy — ±0.2 dB • Auto Level Ranging • AFC Tuning in the Selective Frequency Mode • Precision Frequency Counter • Analog Tuning Meter • Level Out • LCD Digital Displays • Field Operation

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This Operation Manual describes the 6041 Selective/Wide Band Level Meter and Frequency Counter (SLM). Included are applications, information on how to use and maintain this equipment, together with abbreviated technical specifications, electrical features and mechanical features. For additional information, refer to the 6041 Selective Level Meter INSTRUCTION MANUAL, Part No. 030 00034 00.


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