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Fluke 80K-15 Tastkopf
Modell: 80K-15
Datum: 1998
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Tastkopf
Beschreibung: Electronic Air Cleaner Test Probe

The Fluke 80K-15 Electronic Air Cleaner Test Probe is an accessory which extends the voltage measurement capability of most digital multimeters up to 15 kV for use in low energy environments such as measuring the output voltage in electronic air cleaners. Special plastic body construction provides the user with isolation and protection from the voltage being measured. A heavy-duty grounding clip provides a secure connection to earth ground. The 80K-15 Probe provides high accuracy (±2%) when used with a voltmeter having an input impedance of 10W. With the probe’s 1000:1 division ratio, a standard Digital multimeter will read 1V for every 1000V measured at the Probe tip.

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Datum: Mai 1998
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