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WRL Electronics PSA-63 Netzteil
WRL Electronics
Modell: PSA-63
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Netzteil
Beschreibung: Multi-pak Power Supply
                                    The PSA-763 Multi-pak Power Supply embodies an advanced
approach to the problem of a low cost universal AC operated
power supply. It will provide low voltage DC, high voltage
DC and filament AC power to any transmitter or amplifier
which operates at the design voltages. This includes most
commercial or home brew units using the popular tubes in the
50 to 200 watt class, such as 61⅛6, 807, 6DQ5, &DQ6, etc.
The design is such that replacement of parts under normal
use is negligible.
In keeping with ¥HL's policy of maximum performance at
minimum cost, the PSA-63 provides 600 and 300 volts at 210
watts total maximum drain, and 6.3 or 12.6 filament voltage,
as these are all that is needed for the majority of uses.
However, for some purposes it is necessary to add extras
such as, (1) push-to-talk facilities,
(2) an adjustable bias supply, or (3) plugs, cables, extra
voltages and extra control circuits to adapt the power
supply to a specific piece of commercial or home-brew gear.
To iaeet these needs, the following add-on kits are available.

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