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WRL Electronics Globe Scout 65A Transmitter
WRL Electronics
Modell: Globe Scout 65A
Kategorie: Funk und Kommunikation
Gruppe: Transmitter
Beschreibung: Bandswitching Transmitter
                                    The WRL 65A Globe Scout has been designed to provide the
Amateur, Novice or Experienced, with a complete mobile or
fixed station transmitter. Primarily designed for fixed
station operation, the transmitter may be used very
effectively as a mobile transmitter by the installation of a
suitable dynamotor or vibrator supply to provide the
necessary B plus voltages. The Pi-network in the final stage
will load into any random length antenna or into a mobile
whip antenna. Complete band-switching eliminates
inconvenient plug-in coils. Band changing entails only the
changing of a crystal (crystal socket located on front
panel) or the switching of a VR1.

Precautions have been taken to provide a TVI and BCI proof
transmitter; a completely shielded cabinet is employed along
with adequate bypassing of all external leads. The
Pi-network provides a high degree of harmonic attenuation
when properly tuned, eliminating the necessity of a low-pass
filter in most cases.

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