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Xerox Phaser 840 Drucker
Modell: Phaser 840
Datum: 2002
Kategorie: Computer usw.
Gruppe: Drucker
Beschreibung: Solid-ink printer.

The Phaser 840 Color Printer is an Adobe PostScript® Level 3 (Version 3010) color, solid-ink Printer. It also supports color PCL 5c at 600 x 600 dots-per-inch resolution. The Phaser 840 Printer prints at a number of resolutions: A 10 page-per-minute (ppm) Fast Color Mode, a standard 5.7 ppm mode, an Enhanced mode of 491 x 982 dpi at 3.3 ppm and a High-Resolution/Photo mode of 600 x 1200 dpi at 2.2 ppm. All Printer models but the standard version feature built-in automatic two-sided printing.

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This service guide contains information used to verify operation, troubleshoot, repair, adjust, and maintain the Xerox Phaser® 840, Phaser® 850 and Phaser® 860 Color Printers. This guide includes a Field Replacement Unit Parts list. Topics such as Printer theory of operation, detailed removal/replacement procedures, configuration page details, and verifying Printer operation are located on the companion Color Printer Service & Support Resources CD-ROM. To ensure complete understanding of the product, we recommend participation in Phaser 840/850/860 Printer service training.


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