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Adret Electronique 72D0A Generator
Adret Electronique
Modell: 72D0A
Kategorie: Messgeräte
Gruppe: Generator
Beschreibung: VHF/UHF GENERATOR 10HZ/1300 MHz
The ADRET 7200 V H F /U H F signal generator is a modular
instrument comprising boards which plug into a mother board
and plug-in modules in light alloy enclosures. This form of
packaging is particulary used for HF circuits to maintain
spectral purity specifications in spite of the high
operating levels.
Modular internal structure offers a number of advantages
some of which are relevant to maintenance :
- the sub-assembly swapping facility avoiding instrument
- the circuit accessibility for the servicing,
- the faster check of running signals by the control points
Maintenance is further simplified by the inclusion of a
self-test system
controlled by the inbuilt microprocessor.
This system, enabled while troubled shooting, gives for each
point tested whether the signal is correct or not.
The self-test results are not sufficient to produce a
definite diagnosis of a subsystem malfunction, but are
needed to enable that part of the instrument which has
failed to be identified and located.

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