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Amp Supply LK800 Усилитель
Amp Supply
Модель: LK800
Дата: 1984
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Усилитель
Описание: Linear Amplifier
                                    The Amp Supply LK800A Linear Amplifier is a compact 1500
Watt output 160-15 meter amplifier of modern design.
It is a high performance piece of equipment requiring a
minimum of maintenance through years of operation. The
LK80GA was engineered conservatively, with American
components and ingenuity. The unit is field-tested and
rated for 3000 Watts PEP input continuous in SSB service
and 2000 Watts CW input along with many MARS operating
frequencies, without modifications. With the addition of
the external power pac the LK-800Awill operate at 1500
watts continous output on CW, SSTV and RTTY.

Three EIMAC 3CX-800A7 triodes are employed, operating in
grounded grid in conjunction with a solid state power
supply capable of either 117V or 234V operation. The LK800A
uses a double duty cooling system which allows cooling
of not only the tubes, but the power supply as well.

Tuning the LK800A is a simple procedure, since the unit
is designed for long-term stability in virtually any
operating situation. Tuned input and standard relay switching
circuitry makes the LK800A compatible with any solid
state or tube transceiver or transmitter available. The
LK800A, despite its straight-forward design and minimal
user required adjustment, is nonetheless a sophisticated
electronic instrument. Therefore, if the unit is operated
outside the parameters outlined in this owner’s manual,
it is possible that damage can result.

Please read this manual carefully before putting your
LK800A on the air.

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Amp Supply -- LK800 -- Обслуживание и Руководство пользователя
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