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Leader LSG-532 Генератор
Модель: LSG-532
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Генератор
Описание: TV FM Swemar Generator
                                    The Leader LSG-532 TV FM SWEMAR Generator is designed
for use in the alignment and checking of television
and FM receivers. It consists of the sweep amd marker
generators combined in one cabinet for the maximum
convenience. It is used to obtain the response curves on
an oscilloscope. It is very compact and small in size
and occupies little bench space. The construction is very
rugged and is suitable for field use, manufacturing
plants and development.
The sweep generator covers the range from 2.0 to
270Mc in 2 bands, excepting for a narrow range
between 120 and 150Mc.
The marker generator frequency range is from 3.5
to 250MHz in 8 bands, 4 fundamental and 4 harmonic

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Leader -- LSG-532 -- Руководство пользователя, Схема Cirquit
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